A male’s Guide to Casino Fashion

Playing games at an online casino gives you hours and hours worth of entertainment. Having a world of online games to play on your phone or laptop means that you’re never too far away from a game. 

However, even though playing at one of the new casinos available online is fun and easy, there comes a time where you want to visit the real deal. A land based casino is where the fun all originated so it makes sense to go back to the roots. 

The only issue is – what do you wear? It can feel far too easy playing casino games in your comfy clothes and the thought of dressing for the outside world might feel daunting.  

But that’s where we come in. We have all the best clothing ideas as well as the rules you might need to follow if the casino you’re visiting is on the fancy side.  

History of casino clothing

Casino clothing has long been glamorised by popular culture. If you think about every time you’ve seen someone in a film or TV series at a casino, they’re always dressed up. The clothing style is formal – sometimes more formal than one would wear to a wedding. 

This certainly used to be the case for all casinos in the 20th century. There was a very strict dress code and you could be turned away for wearing the wrong thing. But this was the case for everywhere you went at the time.  

You would dress up for dinner, there would be a formal dress code for most events – always written on the invite. People had a variety of outfits in their wardrobe, not for choice, but for the different occasion they were attending. 

However, these rules have changed and become more lenient in recent years. Even though there are still a lot of casinos that have strict dress codes, most of the more casual casinos are a lot less strict.  

The best way to find out about the dress code for a particular casino is to check online as all the information should be there. But you can pretty much guarantee that if you’re visiting a famous casino, you’re going to have to dress for the occasion. 

If you’re still unsure of the rules, the best option is to go smarter. It’s always better to be overdressed than under – especially if the forfeit is to be turned away at the door!  

What men can wear to a casino 

When it comes to a fancy casino, you’re going to want to dress to impress. If there is a particular dress code listed, it must be adhered to as you might not be let in otherwise. This means, suit and tie and proper shoes.

Cufflinks can be a great way to spice up your formal outfit. Nothing too flashy, but if you have some cufflinks that are brightly coloured or have a fun pattern, you should definitely throw those on.  

A tie and pocket square can also jazz up your outfit a little more. You can add a dash of colour or pattern to ensure that you look your very best. It’s the easiest way to add some excitement to the outfit.

If you’re going more casual and the casino doesn’t have a strict dress code, feel free to dial it down a little. Why not go for some chinos and a smart shirt instead? This keeps you looking sharp whilst not going the whole hog with the formalities.

You can always wear a casual sports jacket over the top if you feel like keeping it on the formal side. But there’s no need to wear a tie if you’re not wearing a suit. It can look as if you’re clashing up your dress codes too much and can confuse the look.

Shoes and accessories are the trickiest part when it comes to knowing what to wear. Shoes can be a tricky decision, especially if you want to keep it casual.

Trainers should be fine if there isn’t a dress code. However, your trainers shouldn’t look like they need to be thrown away. Even if the casino you’re visiting is a casual one, giving your trainers a quick clean is always preferred.

A boat shoe is always a good compromise if you don’t want to wear smart shoes but also want to look a little smarter than trainers. The only shoe that is a definite no go wherever you’re going is a sandal. Those are limited to a beach or a barbeque at a friend’s house – no one wants to see your toes when they’re trying to play.

Dressing for a casino is a tricky task but hopefully this guide has made things a little easier. If you’re still in doubt, make sure you talk to your pals to gauge the outfit choices – there’s safety in numbers!