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Trendiest Undercut Hairstyles Every Man Should Try In 2020

Undercut Hairstyles-Latest Trends, Styles, Information, Images, Etc

The Undercut hairstyle is the most trendy and super cool hairstyle for men. It has become even more integrated into hairstyling for men. The undercut can give you a variety of different looks with one cut. The great thing about the undercut hairstyle is it can be styled and cut in so many different ways! You can pick and choose what undercut hairstyle you like best and there are many to choose from.  With its flattering shape and versatility, it’s something that can work with any hair type and look. The undercuts have become even more famous as many celebrities and sports personalities have made use of this style. This hairstyle goes well with any type of face shape and as a result it is sported by a majority of men of different age groups.

Before getting into the details of The Undercut Hairstyle, here are some of the other hairstyles that you can choose from:

classy undercut

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The Undercut is extremely popular and stands out from other hairstyles as it stands out the most. The hair at the sides either has to be shaved or has to be extremely short. This makes the hairstyle even sexier than the others and makes it even more eye-catchy.

The best part about this hairstyle is that it goes with any kind of hairstyle or hair type like the messy or curly hair, long, short, medium, you name it. You can try the fade, pompadour, spikes, etc. with this cut to have a killer look.

One of the shortest undercuts for men might be right up your street if you looking for if you are into simple, unfussy cuts that still have a unique style. The military undercut takes shaved sides to the extreme, leaving the hair on the top of your head basking in the spotlight. It may seem a bit complicated style, but if you master the technique of playing around with the length and variations then the undercut will be your favourite haircut in the days to come.

Check out these latest undercut styles that you would love to try:

The Classic Undercut:

This style is something you should try if you want something a little more innovative. The classic undercuts maintains the trimmed sides without leaving the hair on top long. It is relatively simple than the other undercuts of its kind but is really effective. Mainly sported by men who may be a little apprehensive about this style, styling the classic undercuts are extremely simple. Using a bit of hair gel will keep the hair polished.

Layered Undercut:

Now this is something different you would want to try if you want to be the man with the most stylish haircut. If you want to have your hair having more volume then the layered undercut is the right choice. As the name suggests, the layered undercut is cut in a receding manner or in the form of layers. The top has more volume and it keeps decreasing as you come down with the lowest layer of hair trimmed down to the shortest level or shaved. This haircut suits all kind of face shape and looks neat.

Slicked Back Undercut:

slicked back undercut trends

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The 1st step or rule to get this undercut is to have your hair is long enough to be styled to the back. You’ll want your hair longer, and the key to ensuring it looks polished is to use a great quality hair product to tame the longer proportions up top. Hair mousse or hair gel should help to keep things textured. This haircut is classy and elegant yet so stylish and trendy.

Top Knot Undercut:

The Top Knot undercut is also called as the undercut bun. It is the combination of two of the best and the most stylish haircuts of the recent times, the undercut and the man bun. The hair on top should be long enough to be tied up on top or to tie a knot. The top knot undercut is a bold haircut style and can be seen on few of the famous sports personalities.

Undercut Pompadour:

Pompadour hairstyle is itself a famous and stylish haircut, and pairing it up with the undercut is the best you would have done. If you do not want to have a simple undercut then you can ignore the military side of things and opt for the pompadour. Adding wax or hair spray to style the hair will make things even classier.

Curly Hair Undercut:

This is a modern classic in the making. Gone are the days when messy hair was a problem, and styling it was hard. Now that undercut haircut has come into trend, your messy hair got company. You can have the out of bed hair look amazingly sexy if you pair it up with the undercut. It is a fashion statement for men who do not want to comb their hair every now and the and just let the hair be the way it is.

The undercut hairstyles are here to stay and each of the above said haircuts will take your hairstyle game to the next level. Find a good hairdresser and explain him how exactly you want your hair to be cut. You can choose from any of the above hairstyles and make it the word around town.