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The Cool and Funky Spikes Look For Men To Elevate The Style

Spikes Hairstyle-Latest Trends, Styles, Information, Images, Etc

The spikey hairstyle movement did reach its pinnacle of popularity in the 90’s and is still the favourite among all men. Spikes became instantly liked by every man in that generation as it is easy to style and does not require much effort. Men have perfected the look since then and have been sporting the look with casual as well as formal outfits.

In the in initial stages, the only spike look was in the form of the front hair standing. But in the recent times the barbers and hairstylist have come up with different styles of spikes which have become a sensation in the hairstyle world. These hairstyles soon became trendy and a life changing style statement for men. The spikey look is famous not only for its unique style but also for its youthful look and it became even more popular as it was seen on many college goers. This hairstyle got better with time and many sport it on a daily basis and have become their permanent style.

medium length spikes

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Spiky styles are perfect for people who want to still look professional during their day job. The look can be quickly combed down for formal settings, and you can instantly slick the strands back up into party mode once the work has been accomplished. This will give you a lot more sway when making first impressions and those who know you may recognize your mood based on the up-or-down placement of your man locks.

Spikes can add texture to and style to your simple haircut whether it is a soft or messier spikes. Using gel was one of the main methods to get a spikey look. Many used hard gel or wax to keep the hair in place depending on the hair length and type. However, today’s spiked up hairstyles tend to have a more natural look. There are several versions of the spikes looks but the three basic versions of this look are the long spikes, the medium spikes and the short spikes.

short hair spikes

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The long spikes version is made from long hair (obviously). The hair has to be at least 3-4 inches long in order to be spiked up. The long hair can be gelled up or waxed to get the hair standing throughout the day. It’s mostly sported by young men and college goers who do not have to look professional and do not have to be under the yoke of any company norms.

The medium length spikes version, as the name suggests is done on hair lengths relatively shorter than the long hair. It’s a perfect balance between the long and short versions. This style of spikes provides a funky and cool yet a classy look. This version provides a balance between the shorter and longer versions of spikes.

Short length spikes are the last version in the spikes kingdom. This look is not the most popular hairstyle among men but it is definitely the most common and has always been. Spikey look on longer length and medium length hairstyle can be hard as it requires effort to grow and maintain a longer hair as well as convert it into spikes.

Now that you have the basic idea of what a spike look is and what are the different versions of the spikey look you would definitely want to know more about the different and the best styles of spikes you can keep and rock each and every one of it. You don’t need to go through n number of pages to know about all these styles, we have it all here. Read on.

Front Spikes:

front spikes

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Spikes look great when they are just made in front. The front spikes look is also known as the classic spikey hairstyle. In this haircut the hair in the front is kept standing while the rest is kept down. The rest of the hair can be cut very short to outline the long strands on top.

Many fashionable spiky hairstyles for men start with growing bangs and keeping the rest rather short. The way to keep the front spikes is by applying hair gel or hair wax. We prefer you use hard hold gel so that your hair stays up all day.  You can style your hair with a comb if your hair is long or even with your hand depending on how you are convenient.

Middle Spikes:

middle spikes with beard

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Probably the funkiest style when it comes to spikes is the middle spikes. This style can be tricky and many don’t know how to go about styling the middle spikes look, but if you do it well then this can be absolutely a game changer. The middle spikes can also be paired with, or to say is paired with the fade or the undercut to get the modern trendy look. Most college goers and young men in their 20’s sport this type of hairstyle.

This haircut can be done on the shorter or the medium hair length. This style on longer hair can be very bold and this mainly falls in the category of Emo fashion. The middle spike is sure to be among the sexiest and the trendiest hairstyles of 2018. Catch up on the trend and try his style the next time you hit the club.

Spiked Mohawk:

You may have heard about the Mohawk hairstyles many times. Wondering what’s all the fuss about? Let’s figure it out. The Mohawk is a hairstyle that is style on top of without the sides being styled on top. It is stylish hairstyles and has been in the trending list of hairstyles since a few years and so is the case in 2018.

The Mohawk spike hairstyle is even funkier than the regular Mohawk. The hair on top should me longer and the hair has to be gelled in order for the Mohawk to stay intact. This definitely won’t be accepted at your work place (if you’re into boring jobs). You can sport the Mohawk spikes if you are a college goer or a musician or a free soul.

Sharp Spikes:

The most common of them all is the Sharp spikes look. You do not necessarily need to have long hair to get this hairstyle. Just as the Mohawk hairstyle, in order to get the sharp spikes hairstyle, you need to apply gel or other hair products which keep the hair sharp and pointy.

The best thing is that the sharp look applies even on the sides rather than just the top. Equal length hair hairstyle can also be turned into a spikey look to give you the dashing killer look

The best you can do is to try out these hairstyles and enjoy the spectacularly over-the-top spiky specialties. Check out the images of the following cutting-edge hair sculptures and choose any one of them to make your current mop-top feel enviously inadequate!