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Trendiest Undercut Man Bun Hairstyle Combinations To Flaunt

Combining two on-trend hairstyles into one is an excellent way to appear fashion-forward and cool. Although not all partnerships will look good together, a man bun and undercut is a match made in heaven. The combination of these two styles creates a unique and impressive appearance. The undercut man bun hairstyle is among the favourites and the most trendy man bun styles of all time.

Before getting into the details of Undercut Man Bun Hairstyles, here are some other Man Bun Hairstyles that you should definitely look forward to get:

undercut man bun

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Man Bun Undercut hair style is very easy to manage and gives a refine look to you. All you need to do is trim down all the hair on sides and back of the head. Just grow the centre hair part to roll as a bun after tying a knot to pony. The man bun undercut is also known as a top knot undercut. The hair on the sides and back of the head is buzzed in an undercut haircut, which then keeps the hair extremely short and thus augments the aesthetics of your man bun. In essence, a man bun undercut is a semi bun, although there are other types of haircuts for the semi bun than just the undercut.

undercut man bun hairstyles

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Of the Variations of the man bun hairstyle is the man bun undercut. With this variation what you do is you get the sides and back of your head cut short. You use a hair clipper and clip sides and back of your head with the same hair clipper guard or comb. This hybrid Undercut man bun hairstyle is extremely difficult to pull off but if you can – it looks amazing! It brings funkiness along with it and it is a great style to flaunt at casual occasions. College going guys and men in their 20’s and 30’s sport this hairstyle. The undercut man bun can be combined with some variations to elevate the look.

Check out the few best combinations that you should definitely try with Undercut Man Bun-

Undercut Man Bun With Beard:

As we have mentioned in our previous blogs too that the beard makes everything look much better, the man bun is no exception. The Undercut acts as a discontinuation or a contrast between the beard and the haircut. The beard can be of different lengths and it simply doesn’t matter what style of beard you choose. Shape your beard according to your face shape and you man bun style.

undercut man bun with beard

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Dreadlock Undercut Man Bun:

The dreadlock itself is one of the most sort after hairstyles and also the most savage one. Pairing the undercut with it will add the oomph factor to the look. With the undercut look you can also sport the short dreadlocks rather than waiting for your hair to grow.

Undercut Man Bun