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5 Classic Pompadour Styles For The Suave Gentleman!

1) The Classic Pompadour

This is the classic style of the pompadour hairstyle. it is vintage fashion at its best with a giant bouffant right at the top of your head that is slicked back in style. This can be achieved by spraying your hair spray while back combing from behind. The bouffant is slick and so are the sides. The sides are very flat or can even be trimmed for a flatter appearance. The flatness of the sides will further make the top appear more wholesome and voluminous.

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2) The Faded Pompadour

This combines the two great styles of fade and pompadour. You will have your basic or any pompadours of your choice along with faded sides. The sides will have the basic fade style with close trimming as you gradually descend towards the ears. This is a great style option for men with short or medium length hair who opt for a slightly less voluminous pompadours.

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3) The Undercut Pompadour

This style essentially combines the pompadours with the undercut. This is a neat style for men with wavy or curly hair and short length hair. It helps achieve the sexy style statement in the best way possible.

4) The Curly Pompadour

This style is especially for the men with curly hair. Both sides apart from the pompdour are trimmed short. Not as short as the undercut though. Some length is maintained and then slicked backwards from both sides.

5) The Slick Back with Modern Charm Pompadour

This is the latest fad in the hairstyle universe. It comprises of either a side part with the slick back or just a front. It is popular amongst men who maintain short to medium hair length and love styles that are effortless. This is the easiest of all pompadour styles whether you talk about styling or maintenance aspect.


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