The Ultimate Style Statement For Men – Handlebar Moustache With A Van Dyke

Handlebar moustache is one of the most popular moustaches for men. The handlebar moustache combined with Van Dyke beard is an interesting look.

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The most popular beard that compliments it is the Van dyke beard. This beard is an interesting choice for the handlebar moustache because this beard is small and does not over power the moustache thus giving the moustache a spot light of its own.

The Van dyke is also an interesting style of beard because it is a good look for men of all ages and when combined with the handlebar moustache this creates the complete look for a man which can be pulled off professionally, on a date or any important event.

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The only negative aspect of the style is that the Van dyke as well as the handlebar moustache are both styles that require good amount of maintenance and need to be trimmed on a regular basis. But the final look is definitely worth the effort however a suggestion is that this look should be tried only by men that are efficient with bearding techniques


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