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Classic Top Knots Hairstyles That Never Go Out Of Style

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Classic Top Knots Hairstyles That Never Go Out Of Style

Who said that ancient hairstyles would not prevail and will make it to the fashion world of the coming generations?  Men from the ancient, medieval and the early modern era also had style and gave the world some amazing hairstyles which we still use and flaunt every day. There are certain hairstyles that are so easy-going and flattering that they not only stand the test of time, but also turn out to be appropriate for various occasions. One such hairstyle that has prevailed the test of time is the Top Knot Hairstyle.

The Top knot Hairstyle was mainly seen on the Samurais of ancient the eastern Asian countries. It is one of the simplest and the most creative hairstyle knots of all time. Due to its sexy look and lesser time to make it, the Top knot has become ever more popular in the recent times than ever. This hairstyle or haircut is extremely versatile and immensely pretty and the updo lets you personalize it in ample of ways in order to express your individual style.

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Don’t confuse the top knot with man bun. A top knot is a semi man bun. It is a hybrid between the undercut and man bun. Unlike the man bun style, the length of the top knot should not exceed 6-8 inches and the hair on the sides and back of the head are kept buzzed. Top knots for men have been gaining popularity over the past few years. This style can help keep the hair neat and amazing in 2018. The hair can either be shaved along the back and the sides, leaving just a small portion of longer hair on top. For a more informal look, the bun itself can be tightly formed or left loose.

The top knot started gaining back its popularity since some of the leading men in the Hollywood industry like Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio and footballer David Beckham sported this style. It soon became the favourite among men due its easy to style of tying the knot. The top knot is an easy option on a bad hair day and a signature look of the street-style. It is a tough competition for the man bun. While the men with longer hair prefer the man bun while others opt for the top knot.

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Because the hair is only long enough to barely allow for its tying, the hair is thus tied at the top of the head. In some cases the sides are shaved off or are in an undercut or fade style, of which you will read ahead.  A sharp look in beard along with this haircut changes the entire outlook of the style.

Top knots are guaranteed to elevate your hairstyle game and you would be the hot topic for women to gossip about once you get the knot right. Before going into much detail about the top knot and its type let us tell you that if you are planning to get this hairstyle and if you are searching for some hair inspiration or as we would like to call it ‘hairspiration’ then you are in the right track. Check out these amazing types of top knot that you wish you knew earlier.

Standard Top Knot:

The standard version is a very simple and standard version of the top knot. Don’t underestimate the amount of hotness it can add to your hairstyle. It is classy and elegant and looks a bit professional so going to work with this style shouldn’t be a problem.

For this effortless look all you have to do is to gather all of the hair at the top of the head and place it into a bun. The sides can be shaved, undercut or have a faded look to compliment you standard knot.

Side Braided Top Knot:

side braided top knots for men

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The side braid is also known as the cornrow. If you are too bored of keeping the regular standard top knot then this is your best chance to step up and do something unusual and try the side braid on your top knot.

You can either have it on both sides, or just one side according to the level of funkiness you want to throw on your hair and just one. This is a unique variety of the top knot for men that are sure to make your look stand out.

Faded Top Knot:

Just as any latest hairstyles, the top knot hairstyle can also be complimented with a fade. Many choose the undercut over fade, but believe me the fade also looks classy and in some cases, better than the undercut. You can pair the side braid also along with the faded look. You may be familiar with the faded top knot if you are a soccer fan as it was exhibited by the Real Madrid superstar Gareth Bale and also by the legend David Beckham.

If you are still thinking whether the faded top knot is a good idea then we assure you that you won’t regret getting the fade. Try making this your next hairstyle and thank us later.

Undercut Top Knot:

Top Knot with the undercut is the basic idea what people get when they hear about top knot. The top knot is called the combination of a man bun and undercut. Nowadays, every hairdresser uses the undercut haircut to elevate the look of any look whether it is spikes, man bun, braid, etc.

And so is the case with the top knot. Undercut looks sleek and amazing with the top knot as the hair on top catches the eye.

It’s your time now to implement any of these top knot styles and doing it right will make many heads turn when you walk by. Set a trend among your peers by sporting the best top knot hairstyles among them and let them envy you.

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