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Pajama Is A Must Have Traditional Wear In Your Ethnic Wardrobe

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The first thing that comes to mind when we mention Kurta is Pajama! This is the most popular and perfect outfit to wear with Kurtas and other such traditional Indian wear. Pajamas became one of the staple clothing, especially as a daily wear. When it comes to traditional and Indian bottom wear, it is pajama that is considered as the most obvious and most appropriate choice. They are not just worn at traditional ceremonies, festivals and weddings but also as casual wear. They are extremely stylish and fashionable and is definitely a lifesaver when it comes to traditional day or functions that require traditional outfits.

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Pajamas come in a variety of styles and colours that can be paired with different types of cultural wear.

Read on to know more about these Pajama looks and get ready to upgrade your fashion game.

Pajama Colours –

When it comes to colours, pajamas will never disappoint you with few options! They come in a wide range of colour choices. From simple white and black to red, orange, blue and possibly all the known colours, pajama covers it all. Pair up these pajamas with a suitable upper wear. Try different colour variations and combinations rather than just sticking to a particular colour every time. If you do it right, your pajama look can be a talk around town. As pajamas can also be worn with shirts,  and other such daily wear, you have a better chance to try out all these with your favourite colours provided they go well with each other (or it will have you looking like a runaway clown.)

Pajama Material –

Ok, honestly pajamas provide you with all the comfort you need in the world than other daily wear. You can just wear it with a kurta or other traditional wears. Mainly made of cotton and light breathable material that helps you move around easily. They can also be paired with daily wear such as shirts and t-shirts. With not much of designs or heavy embroidery, pajama is the best option if all you need is comfort.

Pajama Designs –

Designs of kurta pajama tend to be Very subtle and ethnic. Usually, they have decorative trims, borders and embellishments and these are created along the edges of the pajamas and kurta and along the neckline, utilizing some regional work like resham, zari, zardosi and patch border work, to name just a few.

floral embroidery sherwani with beige printed pajama

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With What to Wear a Pajama –

Yes, we know that you may have thought Kurta when you read this, but lemme tell you that that is not the only option you have, sherwani, Jodhpuri suits, bandhgala jackets are all yours to choose from. Wearing pajama with these is one of the oldest and the most common style used by me. But as they say ‘Old is Gold’ this style never goes out of style! Every cultural event you attend, there will be at least one guy wearing Pajamas. With the rise of Indo-western fashion, people wear these with western outfits. Pairing colourful pajamas with complimentary upper wear is the trend going around town.

floral nehru jacket with white pajama

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Footwear to Wear with Pajama –

Keeping it simple is the key! Keep you footwear as simple as the Pajama. Wearing a simple chappal or sandals with this outfit should do the trick. You can switch depending on the occasion. If you are going for a formal event like a wedding or office event then you should go for a bit formal footwear like Kolhapuris, loafers, moccasins, padukas, etc. to get the ethnic look.

The main appeal of the kurta pajama for men lies in its versatility and traditional design. Comfort and style comes along with. Many just choose to wear it at traditional events and ceremonies, but the new generation choose this outfit to wear it even on a daily basis. Pajamas give you the traditional and ethnic look that you desire without much effort.

All you need is to gift your wardrobe with few pajamas and stay stylish and rock the next event you attend.

Pajama Is A Must Have Traditional Wear In Your Ethnic Wardrobe
Pajama Is A Must Have Traditional Wear In Your Ethnic Wardrobe.
Pajama Is A Must Have Traditional Wear In Your Ethnic Wardrobe!
Pajama Is A Must Have Traditional Wear In Ethnic Wardrobe