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7 Super Spiky Hairstyles Every Man Must Try In 2020

Liberty Spiky Hairstyles is styling hair in long, thick, upright spikes. The style is now associated with the “Punk Subculture”, is so named because of the resemblance to the spikes on the head of the “Statue of Liberty”. Liberty spikes trace their origin to the “Ancient Britons”. Warriors washed their long hair in lime water, which also bleached it blond. This hairstyle was highly symbolic as a badge of Manhood and Honour. Celts were not allowed to spikes or cut their hair until they had killed an enemy. “Liberty Spikes” now known as “Spiky, Spiked Hairstyle/ Haircut”.

In the silent film era some actor, like Comedian “Harold Lloyd”, experimented with the Spiked/ Spiky hairstyle to stand out from the crowd, although this trend did not catch on with ordinary people. This changed in the 1970’s when the emerging British Punk Subculture chose messy, choppy hair in reaction to the long smooth styles worn by hippies and disco fans. Originally the spikes were small as worn by modern-day Pop Punk fans but by the 1980’s this had evolved to tall spiky hair, sometimes over a foot in length, Liberty Spikes were also worn by the “Goth Subculture’ although in this case they were dyed Black instead of bright unnatural colours favoured by the Punk Rockers.

Here are the 7 best Spiky Hairstyles Every Man Must Try

Spiky hairstyles emerged onto the scene in the 90’s and instantly became a favourite men’s hairstyles haircut. Earlier to hold the Spiky look Men used copious amount of Hair Gel that clumped the hair into notable “Spikes”. But now men have using the latest technology from the Salon (Hairstyling) Industry which include Pomade, Hair Wax or Putty, Hairspray’s which tends to give a more “Natural Look”. Men are avoiding using Strong Hair Gels to avoid hair textured spiked hair. Despite Men always welcome hairstyles, which are easy to do and are “Hassle Free” in the Morning

And here we have Super Splendid Seven Spiky Hairstyles which are must try,

And remember we have also told you to clear confidence as “Self Confidence is the best outfit”.


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