Choosing a Skin Treatment by the Type of Skin You Have

Skin treatments for your skin

There are lots of different treatments available for various skin conditions, especially sags and wrinkles. Since everyone suffers from them eventually, the skincare industry is full of answers to such skin problems. However, it is necessary to take the time to determine exactly which treatment will work on your type of skin because complexion and other skin traits play a definite role in determining the best course of action for treating skin issues.

How Skin Damage Occurs Over Time

The passage of time inevitably damages skin for the simple reason that the skin is like the body’s shell. Anything you go through in life, your skin is exposed to. That includes things that happen both inside and outside your body. What you eat and drink, whether or not you smoke, how much you exercise, and any outside influences you are exposed to can all cause your skin to become wrinkled, start to sag, or be otherwise damaged over time.

Another problem that all people face is that hormone reduction occurs with age. In fact, the human body produces less and less of multiple substances as it ages. That includes materials like collagen, which is an essential component for healthy skin. That’s why medical-lasers for skin and other clinical interventions may be necessary to reverse skin damage when you get older.

How Laser Treatments Are Influenced by Skin Type

Laser skin treatments are wonderful for treating certain skin conditions, such as wrinkles. But some types of laser machines are also notorious for not working well for people with certain skin types. In particular, the accuracy of some laser devices can be reduced greatly when the patient in question has a darker skin tone. In addition to complexion, the amount of natural skin oils a person has can also keep them from being a good laser candidate. If your skin is extra oily then your skincare professional might explain to you that lasers pose burn risks to you, while they might not pose such risks to people with skin that is not as oily.

Other Treatments Which Can be Influenced by Skin Type

There are also other popular skincare treatments which can be influenced in a negative way by skin type. Microdermabrasion and Botox injections, among others, can be risky for those with dark complexions. The reason is that the pigment, or color, of your skin is determined by melanocytes below the skin’s surface. Procedures like Botox injections and microdermabrasion can sometimes interrupt melanocytes or change their distribution. That can lead to you having some parts of your skin in the treated area that become lighter in color than others.

What to Do if Your Skin Type Limits Treatment Options

Your skin type may limit the treatments for which you qualify, but that doesn’t mean that you have no skincare options. In the case of some of the treatments above, it may just mean that you need a little extra care during the procedure. There are plenty of laser treatments, for example, that can actually be used on darker skin. In addition, there are plenty of skincare treatments that are universally fine, regardless of your complexion. For instance, sound wave therapies like ultrasound can be used on patients with any skin color. All you have to do is talk to a skincare expert, and they will tell you what all of your skin tightening options are.