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Popular Hairstyles For Men In 2020


1. Long layers

This might give you the emo feeling but stay with us because this look is what the young boys adore and everyone has attempted this look once in their life. No matter how irritating and irking it is to have strands of hair on your forehead and if you’re that lucky with a long hair growth you might have strands touching your nose too. No matter how much you irk, but you’re going to love it anyways eventually! You’d feel you have someone who looks down to you no matter what. And that’s the hair on your forehead. Boys love to play with their hair falling on the forehead. For more picture examples, stalk Amrish Puri’s GIFs. Don’t you just love wavy haired Mogambo?

2. Side part and slick back

When someone says George Clooney, what is your reaction? We know you might think about his beautiful wife but seriously, what does George Clooney is prominent for? His side part and slick back hair. Guys! If you want to look sharp, romantic and handsome, go try this look.

3. Curls

If you want to impress girls, curls are your weapon. There’s no doubt on how cool curls look on men. Not only they give you a younger look, but they also make you look messy, handsome and fresher than ever. Curls are trending this season. Since the time we’ve become a serial stalker of Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones, curls have ruled all over our minds. Kit has had the best curls and if you want to get inspiration, Kit is the person. Stalk his pictures all over the internet and you might style your hair and bring in some curls to look fresher and messy.

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