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5 Easy Ways For College Students To Upgrade His Style

Dressing well contributes to your frame of mind. It makes you more confident, more alert and makes you feel present. College days are having a great hold on your life. Not only you got to think, socialize and learn well but you need to dress well to cover the 3 points.  If you dress well, you feel livelier and that makes you think even better. Socializing is something we do in our college days. Ergo, dressing well is great form of a good manner you offer to your professors, your friends and those you meet.

You must be well dressed! It’s boring to dress the same for the entire year. It’s next semester and you want to change your style to gear up for newer classmates, new subjects, professors and new styles.

1. Dark jeans

Rest your acid washed jeans and wear the dark denim to college. Light colored rugged jeans talk swag and you’ve been wearing it for a long time. Also, the light jeans with lots of holes and threads unstitched has been a style that has been as old as the period of punk rock and roll. It’s your graduation year and wearing dark jeans will not only give you a mature feeling but it will make you look better.

2. Polo

Upgrade your style and wear a polo t-shirt than a t-shirt. Not only they give a fit look but a collared t-shirt looks better than just a t-shirt.

3. Cardigan sweater

Sweatshirts are cool, no doubt in that. But nothing like a cardigan sweater.

If you have 1 cardigan, We can teach you to style it in 9 different ways!

Layer Your Cardigan in 9 Different Ways Now

4. Leather shoes

Wear leather shoes or moccasins instead of flip flops/slippers/slip ons.

5. Brush your hair

Brush your hair well and keep the cap away. Add different styles to your hair.


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