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Choose the Perfect Hairstyle according to your face shape

Gone are the days when face shape grooming was only for ladies, men never used to care about their looks, but now the game seems to be even, you will find Indian men pulling of the Perfect hairstyle basing on their face shapes.

There is absolutely nothing worse than getting a hairstyle and realizing that it doesn’t suit your face. That is because when you get a haircut, there is nothing that is ‘free size’ that suits all face cuts. You can experiment all you want but a truly great cut has to fit your face shape perfectly.I will give you brief explanation about each style and at the same time tell you the right face shape for each hairstyle.

Perfect Hairstyle For SQUARE FACE SHAPE :

Considered to be a strong and masculine shape, a square face is the most flattering face cut any guy can have. A strong jawline is the definitive feature of a square face, which makes the face appear chiseled and angular in appearance. A square face shape suits a wide range of styles, but for the most part, the hair around the hairline can often look better if it is softer around the edges. This can be accomplished by having the haircut in layers in a manner that makes the face seem longer. Keep the bangs off the forehead and avoid styles that require parting in the center and there, you have the perfect hairstyle

Hairstyle For OVAL FACE SHAPE :

Irrespective of the gender- is actually an ideal face shape to have. This face shape generally suits any hairstyle in any shape or length because it is the most well-balanced face cut- that means men with an oval face can experiment with any kind of hairstyle. The only thing to keep in mind to get the Perfect hairstyle is to avoid a full length fringe, as this can make the face look rounder. Otherwise, feel free to wear your hair as you want.


This face shape is slightly longer than an oval face but will also suit many hairstyles. It is a good idea to choose a style that adds volume to the sides of the face. Avoid having your sides too short if you want to keep length on top or long hair with a center part, as that will only appear to lengthen the face. Any style with a full fringe will help to maintain balance and add volume where it is needed.

Hairstyle For ROUND FACE SHAPE :

A rare facial feature, a round face has no angles or prominent lines, therefore it’s important to choose a style that can be worn with a bit of height. It doesn’t have to be spiked but adding volume keeps the face from looking too round. To create a more balanced or oval illusion you need to take any emphasis away from the center area of your face. You can do this through creating a more slender and longer look to the face. Avoid too much length on the front or a sharp fringe as having softer edges will help counter the roundness.

Hairstyle For HEART FACE SHAPE :

A heart shaped face is wide at both the temples and hairline, holding its size pretty uniformly to the cheekbones before narrowing to a small chin. Hairstyles for this facial shape are mostly longer, intended to add volume below the cheekbones. Most men should avoid short hairstyles that tend to emphasize the upper part of the face. Slicked back hairstyles are also a bad idea.

Now that you have known your face shape you might want to read hairstyle for men? Don’t worry!

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