Natural Alternatives: Healthy Foods and Products to Give You a Youthful Appearance

Maintaining youthful skin is a desire most people have in life. However, it is impossible to skip the natural aging process of life. It’s surprising how far some people can go to keep those wrinkles away. For instance, some will go as far as taking up cosmetic procedures like a mini facelift in Tampa to maintain their beauty and youthful face.

In addition to taking up some of these cosmetic procedures, there are several other secrets you can use to stay healthy and maintain that youthful appearance:

1. Drink Water

Hydration is a significant factor in younger-looking skin. It will keep your skin smooth and elastic and prevent it from looking dry and dull. Therefore, you should constantly replenish your skin by drinking at least eight glasses of water every day. 

The amount of water you need also depends on your weight, age, and health condition. So be sure to enquire about your recommended amount of water to ensure that you’re taking the right amount.

2. Consider Taking Green Tea

Most people don’t like the taste of green tea. The good news is that it can also be applied topically and still give the same results. Green tea contains a nutritious antioxidant that is responsible for repairing your skin and reduce aging effects. It also guards your skin against sun damage and has anti-inflammatory properties that help delay wrinkled appearance. 

3. Use Natural Skin Care Products

These days, most of these products are made up of harsh and toxic chemicals that speed up aging and cause other devastating skin problems. The worst thing is that most people look for these “miracle” products to make them look younger but little do they know that they are just poisoning themselves even more. 

This is why you have to carefully select products with healthy ingredients that will be gentle on your skin as they will be absorbed directly into your cells. Above all, your outward appearance is a reflection of what you eat and the products you use. 

4. Stay Away from Junk Food

It is often easier to drop by your favorite fast-food joint and grab a bite. Well, it’s not wrong to enjoy your junk occasionally, but when it becomes a habit, then there’s a need to raise the alarm. 

Most fast foods are loaded with unhealthy carbohydrates with little or no fiber, which makes them not only bad for your general well-being but your skin. The problem with overeating junk food is that it continually causes cell and DNA damage resulting in faster aging. 

5. Get Quality Sleep

Getting enough sleep is another key to maintaining a youthful appearance. During sleep, your body releases hormones responsible for cell and muscle renewal, which help repair damage caused by sun exposure and reduce wrinkles. In addition, rest is not only beneficial to the skin, but it also improves memory, lowers stress levels, and strengthens your immune system.

However, the sleep durations vary from person to person due to factors such as age, your beddings, work, illness, and daily habits. Also, other external factors such as noise, temperature, and light can cause a sleep disorder. All in all, there are some recommended sleeping hours based on the age of individuals. For example;

  • Adults- 7-8 hours
  • Adolescents- 9-11hours
  • Infants-12-16 hours

Do not underestimate the power of sleep on your skin. Try as much as possible to get your whole night’s sleep, and you will see and feel the change that you need.

6. Have a Healthy Exercise Routine

Physical activity not only helps you maintain your weight and deal with stress, but it also helps you stay and look younger. Exercise is responsible for burning those excess calories and getting rid of sugar converted into energy released to the body. The best thing about constant physical activity is that it enhances blood flow in oxygen and nutrients responsible for maintaining youthful skin. 

7. Reduce Alcohol and Caffeine

The top rule to practicing healthy habits is to do everything in moderation. Yes, both of these can have health benefits, but they need to be taken in moderation. Consuming too much of these can wreak havoc to your general health, life, and skin. The disadvantage of taking too much of both is that they are diuretics that cause dehydration, leaving your skin looking saggy, wrinkled, and dry. 

8. Stay Away from The Sun

While the sun feeds your skin with vitamin D, which is vital for your well-being, too much of it can also bring detrimental effects to your skin. Some of these could include; 

  • Uneven skin tone
  • Age spots
  • Dry and wrinkled skin

If you’re constantly exposed to the sun, it would be good to apply quality mineral-based sunscreen with an SPF of 30. This prevents the harmful effects caused by the sun due to exposure to UV rays. If you want to bask in the sun, the best times to do this would be from 7-am and after 5 pm. During these times, the sun is not very harsh. 

It feels good to look in the mirror and smile at what you see. Your skin will always be a reflection of how you treat it. Take up these routines and watch your skin glow and look younger.