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How To Style The Classic Baggy Trousers This Season

Are you team skinny fit or team baggy trousers?

Skinny fit jeans may be in trend for now but the classic wide leg pants are never going out of style. Also, baggy trousers are extremely comfortable when compared to the skinny fit. So if you’re looking for something that helps you balance both comfort and style, you must go for the cool and comfy baggy trousers.

Styling the baggy pants might be a task but we are here for your rescue! Here are some really simple and easy tips to remember while styling the baggy pants-

  • Opt for neutral shades if you’re not really comfortable playing with colors. The black, blue and beige are colors that can never go wrong!
  • You must a  wear shirt or tee that’s pretty loose or baggy just like your pants. Avoid wearing skin fit tops.
  • You can style a hoodie for a cool winter look or just dress down with a shirt jacket for a casual look.
  • Your shoes have to be big and chunky! Wear boots or sneakers and avoid sandals, slippers or formal shoes.

Here are 5 Ways To Style The Classic Baggy Trousers…

How To Stylishly Wear Baggy Pants

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How To Style Baggy Trousers

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Baggy Pants Outfit Idea for Men

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These were some outfit ideas to style your bottoms.We hope you’ve got some style inspo for your next look. So now ditch the skinny jeans for a while and choose comfort this time.