Men’s Moustache Style Guide – Moustaches For An Everyday Look

The following moustaches are the styles that will alter your look without compromising on the fun element in your life. These moustaches will ensure that you can pull off an elegant style statement without looking old and worn out so here is the list!

The petite handlebar moustache is the one we begin with. This moustache style has been trending almost everywhere and it is impossible for a moustache enthusiast to opt for moustache styles and ignore this one. But the actual handlebar is big and loud style which may add some years to your actual age and so you must opt for the smaller version of this style in the form of a petite handlebar moustache which is just shorter and thinner.

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The next style in the list of moustaches for a casual look is the gunslinger. Now this style is like a rugged handlebar and is also a very thick style but you should go for a much smaller version of this moustache wherein the width is not more than 0.5-1 cms based on the distance between your nose to upper lips and the length of the stache does not go beyond the ends of your lips or the corners of your mouth.

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The final moustache to make it to this list is obviously the chevron. While this style seems to mature it can be easily pulled off by anyone.

Moustaches are a mature style statement but you can surely look mature without looking old by just dressing appropriately and exuding confidence!


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