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The 6 Opportunistic Hairstyles For Men With Thick Hair!

1) Pompadour

The pompadour with a high top and luscious vintage look is possible only with the perfectly thick locks of hair. This Thick Hair style is also good with shorter or thinner hair but the classic vintage look with elegance and sass is possible with the thick growth only.

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2) Slicked back

The slicked back hair for guys with a strong growth is a completely different look. You may or may not part your hair or even let the top remain a messy ruffle, this style still works for you. The slicked style can be worn more casually with a strong growth and of course even the all formal style is better with thicker hair.

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3) Man bun

The sexy man bun is surely not a very thick hair style per say but if you wish to go for the half bun or high top bun with messy look, you need spare lose strands that will be satisfied only with a strong hair game!

4) Mohawk

The Mohawk is a style that is possible with a good hair growth only. All of the rest are faux-hawks and this style in its purest form is thus a much rare style indeed. You can get the sharpest look with the thick hairstyle version of the Mohawk. However, the sides should be at least trimmed to ensure that the sanctity of the style lasts all day and you don’t end up with a messed up fuss!

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5) Undercut with side part

Undercut is a style that helps create the strong contrasting lengths of hair. This style is very interesting with thick hair because then you have all the more volume to style at the top. This style gets a whole new look when with thick growth.

6) Long layers

The romantic, charismatic and ever so smooth long layers also in the form of a long mane, is the true blue style for elegance and sexiness. This is the only style that actually makes men look truly gorgeous and irresistible. It is a must try for men with thick hair but layers helps tone down the thickness for managing the style!


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