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7 Sexy Long Hairstyles That Do Not Require Hair Gel For Styling!

1) Twisted bun Long Hairstyles (Partial and full)

The man bun is obviously the most popular of all men’s Long Hairstyles and in case of men with long hair; this style is a life saver. You can get the uber sexy look without much hair product or maintenance. Man buns are very casual and thus you don’t need any precise shape or structure for the bun. Half buns, mid region bun, high top bun are some of the hair bun styles for men which suit men with straight as well as curly hair.

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2) Ponytail (Partial and full)

Ponytails are a cool style for men with Long Hairstyles. All you need is a basic rubber band and you are good to go. You have the half pony tail style which works great for men with curls. You have the full pony tail and also the new fad of two ponytails with a high pony on top and a short pony around the nape of the neck.

3) Long curls

Long curls are the classic romantic and sexy look. They symbolize exotic and passionate men thus attract a lot of attention. All you need to do is bank on your curls to grow out and use your fingers for maybe a side part or a combed back look.

4) Middle Part

For men with straight or curly hair, this is a very basic style. You use a comb to part your hair and make sure you carry your comb around for touch ups every now and then through the day. Other than that you are truly good to go. If you have flat or thin hair or a receding hairline then you should not opt for this style.

5) Long Mane

The long mane is the most charismatic of all long hair styles. It is just your basic long and straight or wavy hair left open to embrace the romance and spirituality at its best. This style can be side or center parted.

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6) Braid combinations

The dutch braid, French braid, fishtail braid based on the length of your hair and the style you want to go for are the three perfect braids for men. These styles are cool and rugged for the sexy look that you cherish.

7) The freestyler long hair

This style may require some amount of hair gel if your hair is very straight. For wavy and curly hair all you need to do is add some bounce by back coming some of your hair. You can use gel to twist in your curls and waves for more definition. But even still, the use of hair product is bare minimum so we have included this style in the list.


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