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3 Types Of Man Bun Hairstyles Every Man Must Check Out

Man buns are a cool and sexy hairstyle which when combined with a beard and moustache, completely raise your style quotient to the next level. This style is truly one of the most popular and rightly so because it has the most magnetic powers. It is a crowd puller hairstyle!

There are several types of Man Buns but here are the 3 most trendy styles.

1) The curly hair man bun

This is essentially a high top or a half man bun which is specifically for men with the lovely long curls. This style accentuates your sexy curls and gives you the edgy limelight that your natural curls truly deserve. It will work well even for the wavy hair. You can back comb the top pony tail region and pull it back tight for a bouncy yet well managed look that will last all day long.

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2) The casual man bun

This style is a very vague yet precise bun style. it comprises of a casual bun twisted in. It is a low bun thus allowing your front layers to swing effortlessly around your face frame. This is a very easy style but might require retying several times as it is a rough and lose bun.

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3) The full bun

The full bun is a style that is around the mid portion of the back of your head and takes in most of your luscious locks but leaving behind a few in front will only add to the sexiness of your style. It need not be pulled back tightly but rather just flow effortlessly around your face!


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