5 Suits Men Should Never Have In Their Wardrobe

Never Style These 5 Men’s Suits – Shorts Suits, Weird Designer Suits, Neon Suits, Etc

5 Suits You Should Never Have In Your Wardrobe

Suit is a must have staple in every man’s life as it’s an ultimate fashion statement. It is the only outfit that makes a men look like a gentlemen and polished.  It’s a fashion game changer! But styling suits is a tough job as it’s not easy to pull off the look. In our earlier blog we mentioned 5 must have suits in every man’s wardrobe which will guide you how to style it right. Here in this blog I have mentioned few suits you should never own because they look extremely out dated and unfashionable. You should never style these suits to office, cocktail parties, wedding or receptions unless you want to make fool of yourself.

Here are 5 suits you must avoid while styling for any occasion:

1. Oversized Suits:

Unfortunately people don’t judge you on the basis of knowledge or skills but on basis of appearance and outfit thus it’s rightly said ‘appearance matters’. No matter which occasion you are styling for but wearing best outfit is a must. Outfit with perfect fit will not only enhance your look but also make you stand out. Never invest in oversized outfit it will ruin your classy look and also encourage people to comment on your fashion sense. If your suit is loose or oversized make sure you get it tailored.


baggy suit


perfect fit suits

2. Neon Suits:

There was a time when neon was in trend and everywhere you see people they were styled in neon colours. But the time has changed and it’s not in trend anymore so it is advisable don’t dress up with any neon colour. It doesn’t leave behind good impression at work place or any other occasion. It looks too bright and very colourful for any classy or sophisticated event. Instead of neon colours you can go for colours like black, grey, blue or brown these will definitely give you stylish look within minutes.


neon suits


brown suits

3. Shorts Suits:

Not all can pull off this look thus it’s better to avoid it. Go for short suit if you are confident enough with your overall appearance after wearing it. Mainly models and bloggers opt for such a suit type which looks good on them. Being a common man, don’t try to copy their style it may reciprocate negatively. I would suggest you to go for a regular trouser length. It will complete your look and you can style it for any business meeting or other formal events.


shorts suits


suits mens

4. Pleated Trouser Suits:

Pleated trouser is a formal pant with small gathering at the front near the waistline. In 80’s and 90’s there was a trend of wearing pleated trouser suit but recently it has totally escaped from the fashion world. It doesn’t appear good as it makes your outfit look baggy. It is a big no for man with average height. Single pleated trouser is still acceptable and can be styled but double pleated trouser will definitely break your formal look.


pleated trouser suits


men suits

5. Weird Designer Suit:

Wearing designer suits is great but weird patterns may seem crazy. Walking on streets with weird designer suits will make people doubt your fashion sense. Everyone likes to wear something different but that doesn’t mean you should dress weirdly. Never go for suits like these to avoid fashion disaster. Try out fashionable and classic suits to compliment your look. Here you go, ready for all formal events!


weird suits


designer suit

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5 Suits You Should Never own
5 Outdated Suits You Should Never Own
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