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10 Sophisticated Ivy League Hairstyles Men Should Definitely Give It A Try

The Ivy League Hairstyle also known as “The Harvard Clip Hairstyle”, or “The Princeton Hairstyle”. It’s a type of Crew cut in which the hair on the top of the head is long enough to style with a side part. There are debates on whether the Ivy League Hairstyle’s Origin is from “The Harvard School” Or “The Princeton School” (as the haircut is sometimes called) as these were one of the “Ivy League of Schools”. Don’t worry if you could not afford the Harvard Education, but you can surely afford the Harvard/Princeton/ Ivy League Hairstyle. *lol*

Kudos! The Ivy League Hairstyle is a low maintenance Hairstyle. It is a flawless hairstyle as it gels’ up with any outfit, and definitely people would turn their heads to your “Grandeur Entrée” without actually emptying your pockets. So, The Ivy League Hairstyle focuses on pocket friendly royal look.

The Ivy League Hairstyle aims at Classy and Sophisticated Appearance. It is a “Popular Haircut/Hairstyle” which never goes out of style, and at the same time does not let you down, if done correctly.

So, here we have 10 most Popular and Posh Ivy League Hairstyles.

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