How To Make The Most Of Your Perfume

Your perfume doesn’t only make you smell heavenly but it also helps to significantly boost your mood and confidence. Therefore, it comes with no surprise that we are always looking for ways to make the most of it. And honestly, who doesn’t want to smell great all day long. Well, you don’t have to look any further because below you will find some of the top tips and hacks on how to make the most of your perfume.

Shower And Moisturize

The only way to fully enjoy your fragrances for a longer period is to have clean and moisturized skin. Refreshing your body with perfume after going for hours or days without taking a shower will not do the trick. This is because right after taking answer your pores are open and your skin if dirt-free, thus, creating an environment for easy absorption of fragrances.

In addition, showering also hydrates your body which helps to boost the perfume fragrance. The same rules apply for moisturizing. Moisturizing your skin creates a base for fragrance absorption. Think of moisturizing before applying perfume in the same light as putting on primer before applying to makeup.

And once you are done showering and moisturizing, immediately apply the perfume.

When applying the perfume, either spritz or dab it directly on your pulse points. Your pulse points are warm areas in your body such as the neck area or back of your elbows. These areas are warm because it is where the vessels are closest to the skin.

These areas help to retain the fragrance for longer because the heat delays the fragrance dissipation. Dabbing and spritz are favored as opposed to rubbing the perfume. This is because rubbing the perfume breaks down the aromatic molecules thus, altering the scent, its intensity, and shortenings its longevity.

Furthermore, spray your perfume or fragrance mist all over your torso to enhance your smell all day. And as the day goes, the whiff of the fragrance will keep moving up towards your noise because the torso is below. This gives you a pleasant feeling all day long.

Vaseline Is Your Pal

When it comes to making the most of your perfume, Vaseline should be your pal. Applying Vaseline on pulse points before applying perfume helps to preserve its scent longer. The Vaseline balm acts as a moisture lock of the scent. So applying it, allows you to go all day with the perfume without having to refresh.

Fragrance Your Hair

Perfume application shouldn’t be limited to just your torso area if you want to make the most of it. You can even apply your perfume on your hair. However, do not spray it directly on your hair because this will cause it to fizz. Instead, spritz the perfume on your hairbrush, let it dry for 3 to 5 seconds then run it through your hair. Leave your hair untied to fully enjoy the fragrance.

Fragrance Your Clothing And Bedding

You can even use your perfume on clothing and bedding. However, do not spray perfume directly on your clothes when you are wearing them. This goes against perfume application rules. Because of the relative thinness of your clothing fabrics compared to your skin, the fragrance will dissipate in minutes anyways.

Instead, spritz your wardrobe and drawers with the perfume at least once a week. When you wear clothes or sleep on the fresh sheets, you will smell the lingering scent of your perfume.

Complement Your Perfume

Many high-end and good quality perfumes also come in beautiful sets. These include shower gels and body lotions. You can choose to invest in these beauty sets to complement your perfume and bring out the fragrance. And if you don’t fancy the beauty set idea, you can go for different fragrance scents that complement your perfume. The key is knowing how to layer these scents.

Use It To The Last Drop

The key to making the most of your perfume is to use it to its last drop. When your perfume is almost depleted, don’t rush to discard the bottle. Instead, pour the remaining fragrance into your unscented lotion bottle so your lotion smells like your perfume. You can do the same for unscented body wash.

Keep The Box

You should keep the box. Reading this makes it sound petty, however, keeping your perfume box goes a long way. Other than giving your dresser a chic look, keeping the box also helps to preserve your perfume. Perfumes should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. Thus, you can choose to keep the perfume in its box because the box boasts this environment.

Know Your Fragrances

Different fragrance types work differently. The key is to know what you are looking for. For example, floral and spicy scents will last longer than citrus scents. This is because citrus scent molecules are lighter and tend to dissipate faster. So even choosing the fragrance type allows you to make the most of your perfume.

If you don’t mind strong scents and want your perfume to last longer, opt for base notes that are strong and subtle. Remember, your base notes are the part of the perfume that lasts the longest. Opt for notes such as vanilla or musk to help your perfume last longer.

Have Your Perfume On The Go

You should aim to just apply your perfume at home. You should have your perfume on the go for refreshing. You must be asking yourself how you will be hauling an 8 or 12-ounce bottle around in your clutch purse. Well, just because you have to carry your fragrance with you, it doesn’t mean you have to bring the whole bottle.

Many good quality perfumes come in different bottle fillings that you can carry with. You can even opt for the small gift packs with multiple perfume brands. Some perfumes even come with tiny roll-on bottle versions. and if you don’t want to spend extra, you can adopt a DIY on the go hack.

Spritz your favorite perfume on multiple cotton balls. Then, store the cotton balls in a sealed Ziploc bag and add them to your purse. You can then touch up your perfume with a simple dab on your purse points with the cotton balls every time you want to refresh.