6 Simple Things to Keep in Mind for Dressing Well

6 Simple Things Men Should Keep In Mind For Dressing In Style

1. Keep it Simple

If you’re stuck between what to wear and what not to wear and don’t know a thing about dressing well, if you’re confused and standing in middle of clothes, shoes and ties… This is what you should do- Pick that old classic jeans and team it up with a simple t-shirt. Simpler look never goes out of fashion.

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2. Don’t Be Brand Crazy

Brands! Brands! Brands! If you’re a brand crazy person, you might not just lose your money, but with that you might lose your style as well. When a brand crazy person shops for clothes, he often buys it because of the love he has for the brand than actually liking the clothes. Thrift shopping is never a bad idea. Sometimes you bang into statement pieces without expecting. And also, it’s better to wear an artsy t-shirt rather than a big logo label flaunting on your t-shirt.

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3. Shopping solitude is a big NO

Never go for shopping alone. NEVER! It’s always good to have a friend’s honest opinion.

4. Details Matter, the Most

Tie the perfect knot whether it’s on a scarf, your tie or your bow tie. Wear your belt and team it well with the rest outfit. The smallest details matter the most.

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5. Beard Game –

Don’t force the beard on your face. If it doesn’t give you comfort, shave! Upgrade your shave. Try different styles.

6. Invest in a good pair of shoes

Most guys wear clean and pressed clothes but overlook their shoes. The first attention is on the shoes that you wear. Make sure, they’re clean, sharp and amazing. Invest in a good pair of shoes. Men often shed a good amount of their money on clothes and spend a lot less on shoes. But one must buy a good expensive pair that lasts long and looks sharp.


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