TheUnstitchd reviews Himalaya Men Face and Beard Wash

Read on to know if the New Himalaya Men Face and Beard Wash is really all that it promises to be.

I love beards. I find that it is the easiest and coolest way to change your appearance especially when you are bored of how you look and wish to reinvent yourself. I started out slow and realized that there are too many options – Van Dyke, Circle Beard, Garibaldi, Bandholz and what not. What’s surprising is there is very little information about this. That’s when came to my rescue and I started experimenting with better beard styles. Worse still is in a world where we have billions of products to cater to the feminine whimsy there is little or no attention paid to the men.

So when I heard there’s going to be a new face wash that was customized for men with beards it got me pretty excited. I got my hands on their pre launch kit. It came with the product and some cool stuff like a beard comb, a coffee mug and a tee.

Read on to know if the New Himalaya Beard Face Wash is really all that it promises to be. Link in our Bio. #Beard #WaceWash #himalaya #BeardFashWash #Mens #beards #dhadicool @himalayapersonalcare

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Let us start with the basics first. The packaging is nice and attractive It comes in a 40 ml pack or a 80 ml pack. The key ingredients are listed as Aloe Vera and Coconut Water. I had decided that using the product once or twice just won’t cut it. I have used it for roughly over a month now. I am someone who is very specific about his beard and I wanted to now if this really is a product cutout for the long run.

I have a mixed skin type or as the ladies around me keep correcting me, ‘combination skin’ which according to what they told me is a mix of oily and regular skin. Now coming to my expectations with a Face and Beard wash, I need for it be able to cleanse my face and also make sure there is no itching or rashes. In the absence of a beard face wash I had to previously make do with a normal face wash which proved to be useless for the beard and even a shampoo which proved to be too mild and ineffective.

I have often heard the women around me discussing that Aloe Vera is great for the skin and hair. It softens and revitalizes it and coconut water makes the skin feel fresh and deep cleanses it. That sounded promising. It also made me wonder if Aloe Vera and Coconut Water are so good for hair as well as face then why are they absent from male grooming products, considering women have no beards or moustache’s to maintain!

I like using a face wash at the end of the day to make sure that the dirt and oil from the days work is off me before going to bed so that I can have a fresh start the next day.

Now coming to my review. The Himalaya Men Face and Beard Wash is light on the skin. I never felt that I was using a chemical product. I have not experienced any itchiness or roughness on either my skin or my beard. My oil zones are not acting up. The aloe and coconut water combination feels great on the skin. It is gentle yet effective. The fragrance is mild and not heady. A drop of the face wash is good for one wash. All in all I feel that it’s worth my time and money and I am going to continue using it. Whether it works wonders for you is for you to find out. But one thing I can guarantee is that it is better than any other product in the market today because it is meant for Bearded men to enjoy a healthy skin. (P.S: After a month I have realized that healthy skin is easier to shave/trim/style.)

This experience has also made me realize that fancy, expensive, ayurvedic generic face washes have nothing on a simple face wash designed for men’s beard. Finally the industry is focusing on the needs of men for grooming. There couldn’t be a company better than Himalaya to fix it up for all of us.