3 Wedding Outfit Ideas That Can Never Go Wrong

Winter is here! And so is the wedding season. Choose your wedding classy look, be it a close friend’s wedding or a distant relative, TheUnstitchd tells you just how to look perfect at it. Read on…”

The 3 wedding outfit ideas that will help you look oh-so-sophisticated in the wedding.


White shirt- Be it a wedding of a close relative or not so close relative, a crisp white shirt is one of the best wedding outfit that works. You can keep it sleeved down or roll up the sleeves, but make sure you sport a classy watch if the sleeves are rolled up. Sporting just a crisp white shirt is good enough, but add-on a bow tie and watch the magical impression it creates. They symbolize sophistication and a dapper sense of style. After all, weddings are all about first impressions and well… This maroon bow tie has a classy look along with a tinge of funkiness to it. Don’t forget to check out Lacquer Embassy’s cool collection of bow ties. Just wear your stylish chinos and cool sneakers, these will complete your look and add a statement to your personality.


Suit up! A classic suit is an essential in every man’s wardrobe. The most preferred would be navy blue or black. These colors go with every occasion and work perfectly at a wedding. You can choose to wear the suit or just fold it and hold it. You could also experiment with other colors, just make sure it fits you perfectly and you’re good to go! If not a suit, you could wear a blazer and wear a crisp white good fitting shirt. Experiment with at least two accessories like tie, bow-tie, cuff links, pocket square, suspenders, etc. Pair them up with black or brown brogues and there you go gentleman!


If you aren’t too much of a suit-up kind of guy and would rather keep it simple and classy with a shirt, probably different styled, explore your wardrobe and grab out a Chinese collar shirt. Now is the time to flaunt outfits like the Chinese collar or any other fancy or party wear shirt that you own, black denim under. You might want to concentrate more on the minor details in this simple look. You could flaunt a smart watch. Complete the look with black brogues and you are sure to get some envious looks in the wedding.

P.S. If you could grow a beard (incase you follow no-shave-November), be rest assured to stand out in the crowd and be the hottest man in the wedding! After the groom of course! You wouldn’t want to outlook him, would you?

These are the 3 classy looks that will make you wedding ready and make you turn heads and burn the stage this winter season! Good luck!

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