The Ultimate Look For The Mature Man – Handlebar Moustache With A Circle Beard

Circle beard is the hot trend for slightly mature men because this is a mature style. This look has been made popular by breaking bad and continues to be the hot style this season. This look can be elevated by adding in the handlebar moustache for the perfectly explosive combination.

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This look can be achieved by men that are good with their styling techniques as well as efficiency with precision. It requires a good amount of efforts because you need to trim it and maintain it on a regular basis which makes this not a very popular style but if you are ready to walk the extra mile then you can sure grab the spot light. This look is great for men with a round or an oval face.

You need to start off growing out the moustache and beard together. Grow out a regular beard and a regular moustache. Once you have achieved the desired length then you can start off the styling aspect. The ways to grow out the moustache as well as the beard have been mentioned in our blogs already so do check them out for individual growth techniques that will help even amateurs get the efficiency that this style requires!

Handlebar Moustache With A Circle Beard

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