Let It Grow: Grooming Tips for your Beard

Facial hair is nature’s blessing on mankind as it offers many various possibilities for “the look” of an individual. However, it can be a nightmare as caring for your facial hair is just as difficult as caring for one’s hair. It is a common struggle to find ways to maintain both the look and the health of the “beard cut”, and thankfully, companies have launched products for this purpose such as the Billy Jealousy Beard Quencher. Nevertheless, there are a few things to remember before deciding on going to Movember.

  • Patience is key.

For those worrying about their facial hair growth, don’t worry. Facial hair doesn’t come to you after one month or even one week as it takes time to grow. It takes even more time to know your facial hair as you need it to grow out first, so it is important to be patient and let it grow.

If anyone hasn’t told you yet, genetics have a say in your facial hair. While some inherit heavy mustaches and goatees from a lineage of family members sporting them, others are unfortunate as they aren’t able to grow one out. This is fine as there are products that could aid one in growing a beard that one might desire.

  • Do your homework first.

Arguably the very first thing you have to do even before planning out your facial hairstyle is to do some research first. The first thing you need to know is the shape of your face as there is a range of different styles that go with specific shapes, and no doubt that all men want to look good sporting their “beard cuts”.

Oval shapes can sport almost all “beard cuts” as this is the most desirable shape that one could want. Lengthy face shapes need much shorter and wider beards as longer ones will only highlight the length of the face even more while pronounced chins would look much better with goatees as this would drive the attention away from it.

Beards vary just as much as hairstyles do, so it would be wise to know what would be perfect for you.

  • Wash it regularly.

Being hair found on your face, beards also require some care to stay healthy and vibrant. Some decide to simply use water, but this would not help in cleansing the beard itself. Others decide to use the shampoos that they would use on their heads, but these are not specifically made for those areas. Truly, the best option to use would be a good beard shampoo that companies have made specifically for these purposes. These do not only clean but also nourish the roots to make them strong as well.

  • Use essential oils which will help your beard.

They say that growing a beard is easy, but maintaining that beard can get quite hard. Much like a haircut, a “beard cut” is at risk of getting frizzy which doesn’t bode well for the man’s look, especially after shampooing. The simple solution would be to use oils and balms that will help the goatee maintain its look and become much stronger and less flaky in the process. Almond and avocado oils are what you should watch out for as these are arguably the best.

Now you know the four rules of the way of the beard, why not give it a shot? Do some research to find out what “beard cut” is the best for you, and don’t forget to moisturize it too!