Know The Difference – English, Mistletoe & Dali Moustache Styles

Grab The English, Mistletoe And Dali Moustache Styles!

English, Mistletoe And Dali Moustache Styles

The English, Mistletoe And Dali Moustache is the loudest one in the lot. It is the most vintage style statement with the longest ends curved to perfection and the efficient use of product to ensure it stays up all day long. This look is still popular amongst men in some regions of the world but is not such a popular look because it is surely an odd style.

A more laid back version of this style is the English moustache and an even more toned down version is the mistletoe so basically if you have a scanty growth or wish to try a more confident yet unique moustache style then you should opt for the mistletoe style.

For such styles you ideally need very slim and long moustache ends which is achieved by trimming and snipping the moustache as it is growing out. Good use of moustache wax will help keep your moustache in order all day long!


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