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Celebrity Hairstyle Guide – Gerard Butler & Justin Timberlake

best looks of gerard and justin

Justin Timberlake has always been known as the guy from n’sync with the funky hair. This is a rightfully earned tag because he does never disappoint us in any manner when it comes to selecting the perfect hair style. Sure he may have gone overboard or tried a risqué outfit but it has surely paid off and worked in his favor! Same can be said about Gerard Butler. He is always at his flawless best hairstyles and looks. While Justin has the curls, Gerard Butler has straight to wavy hair type. All thanks to their perfect Face Structure.

Well the surprise here is that both these A-list celebs have heart shaped face structure which is often considered unappealing and difficult to style. The actual fashion trick is to accept yourself and be confident in your own skin only then will you radiate confident energy. Men with heart faces, here are your mentors. Check out their most popular looks and find the one that wins your heart! Although Justin Timberlake’s face structure can be categorized more so as triangle than heart because it is a more narrow and edgy face structure while heart shape is a softer structure.


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