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Incredible Style Combinations Along With The Fade And Beard

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This is something that can make any look simply sexier. The Beard! Yes you heard that right; the bearded look can elevate any simple look or style to the next level of hotness. No matter how long your beard is; whether it is stubble, medium length or a long beard, it is guaranteed to make you look amazing. The bearded look is one of the many styles that look suits each and every fade hairstyle.Fade and beard have been in trend since few years and are in trend right now around the world.

fade with beard

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Men in their 20’s and 30’s are the ones that sport this style. People who are into corporates and working professionals also try this bearded fade look as it is not too funky but at the same time is among the latest styles of men. The fade acts as a disconnection between the top hair and the beard and this looks fabulous and is sure to turn many heads.

Before getting into the details of The Fade And Beard Hairstyle combination, here are some of the other faded hairstyles that you can choose from:

beard faded

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Many beard models and celebrities are seen flaunting this look exceptionally well and are keeping it in trend. There are different types of beard that you can try with the faded hairstyles, the ducktail, garibaldi, bandholz, van dyke, etc. are some of the favourites that men usually prefer.

Without taking much of your time and writing a longer introduction, let’s straightaway go to the different fade looks that best goes with the beard.

The Classic Fade with Beard

Mainly sported by the older men and the working professionals, the classic fade is one of the best styles that go hand in hand with a beard. The fade and beard  look has nothing to do with funkiness and as the name suggests, it’s all about class. This classic look is easy to style, as the hair has to be combed well to any desired side and that’s it. Shorter hair length is the best option for this look, but the beard can be of any length.

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classic bearded fade

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classic beard

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Side Part Fade With Beard

Side part is the next big thing when it comes to the men’s hairstyles. Many men prefer this haircut along with the faded look. The side part is a traditional look and is in trend since many years. It doesn’t require much effort to style and pairing it with a beard is one of the latest fads in town. The beard along with fade is in itself a sexy look and having a side part along with this combination can be amazing and will give you a killer look.

Beard with Faded Top Knot

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The top knot style does not even need an introduction. It’s the most famous and trendiest hairstyle and it looks even sexier when it is paired with a classy beard. Top knot can be of different length and the same case is with the beard. This look gives men the rough look that they want and makes their hair game strong.