A New Way to Build Your Wardrobe This Season

Style Guide – Outfit Layering, Colour, Accessories, Footwear And Online Buying

Running out of clothes and need to go for shopping? Want some fresh, trendy and stylish outfits to stand out? Have a busy schedule and can’t go for shopping? Well, this is what all the men out there are facing. That’s the reason I came up with this blog to help you build a stunning wardrobe!

You will agree to me that nowadays everything is turning digital and so is your shopping experience. Yeah! I am talking about Online Shopping For Men and trust me it’s the best option ever. It’s high time you should walk along with fast moving trends, styles and fashion. This will not only give you modish look but also keep you updated. But the question here comes how to select the right outfit for you? Ah, for that I have mentioned few pointers that will help you build a new closet easily.

  1. Make sure what type of outfit you want and for what type of event.
  2. Be seasonal. Patterns and material all depend on the season. You can’t wear overcoats in summers and shorts during winters.
  3. Try to imagine how the outfit would look on you while seeing its picture.
  4. Outfit colour completely depends on your skin complexion.
  5. Check out how they have styled the outfit on the model and go for it.

I think this is a good bunch of information about online shopping so I would like to continue with how to style the right outfit you own. Many of you must be confused with the outfit colour combinations, outfit, accessory and footwear combinations and regular outfit layering. Below, I have mentioned all that you need to know about styling before stepping out of the house for office, day out, dates, party or any other event.

Outfit Colour Combinations:

We all know there are classic outfit colour combinations that we all love and regularly opt for but it’s important to try out a variety of them too. It’s time to come out of those black and whites and opt for some fantastic colours. Occur t-shirt with grey jeans is best for casual summer day out. Pink is not only for girls! We all should come out of this stereotype, pink shirt and a light shade chino look amazing. For formal outfits, black and grey suits are very common and if you want to go for something fresh, go for green suits or beige blazer with a pair of black trousers or denim.

Outfit, Accessory And Footwear Combinations:

Shirts are both casual and formal which is the reason you should be very careful while styling it. A solid colour casual shirt and denim can be accessorized with a good watch and a cool pair of sneakers while a formal one should be accessorized with tie, belt and a pair of formal shoes like oxfords and brogues. Never try to experiment your look with sports shoes on formal suits and formal shoes below shorts unless you want to make fun of yourself.

Regular Outfit Layering:

Many of you must be confused with what exactly is layering and how to do so, well it’s quite simple. If you want to lend a chic style within minutes just grab your jackets, coats or sweatshirt and you are there. You can take a denim jacket over a plain t-shirt and jeans, wear a coat over any shirt and denim or put on a sweatshirt on your checked shirt. Here you go, now you can style yourself with your upgraded wardrobe and knowledge of fashion.