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Men’s Face Structure Guide – Edgy Spiky Look To Elevate Your Face Structure

best spiky looks for different face structure

The Spiky looks are basically an edgy style that will essentially elongate your face structure so guys with square shaped face can pull off this look the best but also guys with round face shape and diamond shaped face structure can opt for this look.

This Spiky look can be altered for different face structures in a manner that you restrict your spikes to a certain patch based on your face shape so if you have a wider forehead then you can create spikes for the forehead region and not the sides but shorter than your forehead by a small margin to create the illusion of a smaller forehead, or if you have a narrow forehead you can create a full front line spikes minus the sides but extend the spikes mildly beyond the actual forehead to create the illusion of a bigger forehead. You can also create spikes and swoop down that layer right over your forehead if you are conscious about the length or size of your forehead and use your hair to cover that part up. there are multiple variations and thus multiple styling options for the spikes.


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