8 Body Grooming Mistakes Men Must Avoid

Body Grooming! It’s always the intelligence, work ethic and skills that take you ahead in life but a well groomed attire never hurt anybody. Well here’s what I mean. If you take two equally smart guys, one shabby and the other with a clean shaven neck; who you think is going to be more impressive ? So what I am trying to say is, do a damn good job at work but take out a little time and correct these grooming mistakes and keep your grooming situation in order.

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1. Shabby Neck Hair

It ain’t visible to you but surely is to everyone around you. Clean shave your neck and keep taking weekly trips to the barber !

2. Sweat is NOT sweet:

If you are prone to sweat dress for your pits. Put on a roll on or deo. Do not skip bathing ever. You don’t want people running away from you like mice, do you ?

3. Get Rid Of Your Under Arm Hair:

It may be cool for you, but in reality it isn’t . Especially if it’s not shaped and worse if it stinks. Its best to remove it.

4. Body hair:

More specifically chest hair. Yeah, who’s going to see it ? Doesn’t matter but it’s a rule to have it clean . Chest hair is NOT cool ! You never know when you’ll have to show off your body and you definitely don’t want to be embarrassed .

5. Crazy Bear- Claw Nails :

No, we ain’t telling you to get manicures as part of Body Grooming, but just keep your nails in good shape. Clip them regularly, moisturize your hands and keep ’em clean.

6. Don’t Be A Couch Potato:

Exercise regularly even if its for 15-20 minutes. Go cycling or jogging. Do not let the fat attack you !

7. Showin’ Off Your Undies Is So NOT cool :

Do not wear over low waist pants to show off your jockeys please! There is a reason we wear pants and you are definitely not obeying it if your undies show. Rather be superman then !

8. Don’t Let Your Feet Look Like Some Rock:

Every sunday immerse your feet in a paste of milk and bananas. It moisturizes it and also drives away the yucky odour.

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