10 Extremely Simple Yet Important Grooming Tips For Guys

If you find yourself reaching for your wallet to buy a new suit or pair of jeans, hold off. You’d be surprised by how much grooming can change your appearance. Managing your body hair or changing your hairstyle will actually breathe new life into your existing wardrobe and impart a newfound confidence. Let’s face it—having a grooming routine is something most guys don’t give two hoots about—but that doesn’t diminish its importance. We can tell you ‘to be yourself’ and ‘be happy to be attractive’, but that won’t make the cut! What will truly make you attractive are these very, very simple grooming tips that you must incorporate in your life, like right now!

The 10 Extremely Simple Yet Important Grooming Tips For Guys are

1) Never underestimate the power of a great pair of jeans!!

We’re not talking about skinny jeans really. We’re talking about slimmer jeans which are body-conforming so to say and do not cut off your blood circulation in the process. These jeans will go a long way in making you look taller and leaner.The trick is to buy jeans that is a size large, and then get the waist drawn in by a tailor. That leaves a great looking fit – slim and defined and exactly what you need.

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2) A little eyebrow grooming can do wonders for your dating life!

The thing with eyebrows is that there should always be two. No, you don’t have to go to mens hair salon for a wax/threading appointment but you can’t be serious with flaunting that unibrow and not do anything about it. So, if you have a unibrow, or crazy bushy ones, either ask your girlfriend for tweezers and help yourself or go to a salon.

3) If you can’t grow a beard, DON’T grow a beard!

Honestly, patchy facial hair has not done any man any good! In fact, it’ll only take you back to those awkward seventh grade days when you were dying to use the shavers! Stop experimenting with your facial hair and stick to the clean shaven look.

For those who cant grow beard, Read this –7 Ways to Grow Your Beard Easily

4) The classic old musk deodorants are much better than those strong bitter smells.

Not only does those strong bitter smell  make you smell like a puberty-stricken desperately-trying-to-act-mature guy, but it also looks tacky in your grooming arsenal. However, on the other hand, nothing smells classy and cool like the musks or aweing smells.

5) Trim your nose hair before you meet your date!

It might just be a tad bit overgrown, but trust me guys—girls notice the shit out of guys especially if you’re a potential boyfriend material. Use a trimmer, don’t pluck them unless you want to feel the most painful experience of your life.

6) Neck beard? Are you a mountain man?

It’s actually sad that we need to give you reasons and grooming tips to convince you to shave off that hideous neck beard, if at all. Basically the hair that grows on the neck looks grossly unappealing—scraggly and pubes-like, so you would definitely want to get rid of that. Also, don’t forget the back of your neck.

7) Bacne is real and you need to treat it, ASAP!

Swapping your regular soap with a tea-tree oil body wash should solve the purpose. If not, then take out time and visit a dermatologist.

8) Always trim your beard when it’s dry.

One of the most important Grooming Tips is that, hair when wet is longer, so trimming it while it is wet means that once it’s dry, it won’t be a close shave. Makes sense, no?

9) Stop using soap on your face!

If your face feels tight and flaky whenever you wash it, then it indicates that you need to stop using whatever you’re using to wash your face with; which, in most cases, turns out to be soap! Switch to a regular face wash if you’ve normal skin, or an oil free face wash if you’ve an oily one. Of course, you need to moisturize your face daily and that has nothing to do with you being a guy. Anyone with skin and pores should wash and moisturize their face.

10) If you get a pimple, Dont , just Dont pop it ! 

It’s satisfying to pop the hell out of that pimple, but Do NOT. You will get a scar on your face once that pimple has healed. Also, chances are that once you try to squeeze the pimple, you might push the sebum back inside your skin, which will cause a deadly skin infection and will make the situation worse than what it already is.

Aren’t these the best grooming tips you ever got?


Now go ahead, and look amazing! Nothing can stop you. Goodluck !


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