6 Essentials Every Man Needs in Their Bathroom

Minimalism is a trend when it comes to men’s fashion, with a lot of people thinking “as long as I’ve got my straight razor, I don’t need anything else”. However, while less is often more…more is usually more, too.

Personal hygiene should be the main focus for everyone out there. It keeps you happier, healthier, and looking good both for yourself and everyone else whose opinions you care about.

Here are the things we think every man should keep around to keep themselves well-groomed (in no particular order).

  • Electric Trimmer

It’s true that a manual razor, whether it be a straight razor or a multi-blade affair, is the best way to get a close and smooth shave.

But having an electric trimmer or shaver around is a huge help for any man. Whether it’s keeping your beard trimmed to a specific length to meet certain regulations or just personal specifications or to act as an effective “pre-shave shave” so you can shortcut the process of shaving off the longer hairs, an electric trimmer is a useful tool.

It also helps that they usually come with several attachments, so you can quickly and easily blast away unsightly nose and ear hairs to boot.

Finally, your electric trimmer is the perfect tool for getting rid of any unwanted body hair quickly and efficiently, for both comfort and appearance. Just make sure to get a separate (gentler) razor for any grooming you need to do “down there” than what you’d use for your face.

  • Razor

But, of course, nothing is truly a replacement for a good manual razor. An electric razor is nice. It’s fast, easy to use, and serves a bunch of different utilities that every man can make use of.

However, a manual razor can simply get a much smoother and closer shave across the board.

Straight razors are especially good for this but definitely aren’t for everyone. Cartridge razors are a lot easier to use, and you can get things done a lot more quickly with one than a straight razor.

Ultimately it comes down to preference on which kind of manual razor you get, but you should definitely have one.

  • Beard Scissors

A staple of any grooming kit, beard scissors or trimming scissors is great for making minute changes to your beard and mustache if you already have a look dialed in for yourself. Anything else starts to feel like a kludge.

Sure, you can trim your beard with your electric trimmer or even a manual razor, but you’re never going to hit the same level of precision as a nice pair of scissors.

  • Toothbrush

An obvious, but important tool for hygiene: is the toothbrush. The kind doesn’t particularly matter, but every man (or woman, for that matter) should have a toothbrush of some kind.

There are a lot of fancy electric toothbrushes out there with a number of features that boast a deeper or more consistent clean, but a manual toothbrush can get the same work done with a bit more work and added precision. If you have a couple of weirdly shaped or spaced teeth, a dentist might even recommend a manual toothbrush over an electric one.

Just make sure you have whatever you’re comfortable with and use it regularly.

  • Brushes and Combs 

Everybody’s hair is different, but unless you’re completely nude of hair from head to toe, every man needs a brush. Sometimes multiple brushes.

As a general rule, have a brush for every “variety” of hair you have. If you have hair on your head, have a brush (or comb; preferably both) to brush your hair with and keep it styled.

Likewise, have a brush for your beard if you have one, or a comb for your mustache if you’re keeping one of those. A fine-toothed comb is preferred in that case, unless your hair is very thick.

Don’t knock the benefit of having a shave brush as well. Shave brushes are very useful for getting rid of trimmed hair that sticks to your face, chest, or shoulders. It can also come in handy if you happen to cut your hair at home and want to dust yourself off.

  • Beard Apron

The most nonstandard item here, it’s nevertheless one that any man can benefit from. Cleaning hair from your sink or floor after shaving is a chore, and half the time ends up with you having a clogged sink down the road because you’ll always miss some hairs.

Save yourself a hassle and get an apron to catch everything neat and tidy when you shave.