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4 Must Have Casual Shirts For The Summer

Get Ready For Summer With These 4 Casual Shirt Styles

1) Lime

There is no summer without the perfect lime shirt. This goes well with casual as well as formal look. For a casual look you need Casual Shirts which means that the length should not exceed your waistline by much. Keep this one cotton because the purpose is to beat the heat. Alternatively, even linen works well. Pair it off with a dark shade of blue denims or chinos in shades of blue, brown, white and beige. Loafers or even flip flops will work. This shirt really goes well with all skin tones as well as the summer heat.


2) Pattern

Pattern is the hottest trend this season. You will find self-patterns or loud patterns in blazers and even suits! But the best look for summer in patterns is a smashing shirt! Your Casual Shirts can be collared, button down, casual and just any kind of shirt but patterns go well. There is a very fine line between funky patterns and loud patterns. Funky is all in and loud is just unacceptable! This shouldn’t become a fashion faux-pas and a very simple trick is to buy a shirt in a basic color like white, beige or blue. These shades are very subtle on their own and so chances of even a loud pattern spoiling the look slims down!


Pair this up with denims or chinos and sneakers. You may even opt for brogues or loafers. Belt and sunglasses are a must.

3) Salmon

Yea I know pink is not strong enough for many stereotypical ‘masculine men’. Well a light shade of pink is gorgeous on some men but you will not go wrong with salmon. Yea salmon is in the same shade as the fish you eat. That tinge of red blended perfectly with dark pink. This color is on the charts from 2015 and has been the most popular choice in shirts, sweaters and even jackets or chinos for men. If you are confident enough to break free from the stereotypes and actually enjoy fashion, this shade is for you. It is for the confident and comfortable man!

It will go well with dark blue denims or black even. Brown, white and even cream chinos will do this color justice. Avoid blue chinos. If you want to go blue, wear denims.

4) Classic white

The classic white shirt was never out of fashion and will never be. It is a sign of Royalty and class. Casual Shirts symbolizes elegance and confidence. You can pair it off for day out or evening and even late night after parties. It will never disappoint you. Some people feel it gets a bit boring but to funk it up you can pair it off with cool footwear like brogues or funky loafers. Boots and sneakers also go well with this shirt. Remember your aim is to funk it up and not jazz it up. Avoid an all-white look, it is usually too much white to absorb! Denims in any shade as well as chinos in any shade will go but if your shirt is a bright white take darker or more subtle shades of bottom wear. Self-patterned white shirts are really cool.


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