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The Funky White Canvas Shoes – 3 Looks

White canvas shoes are surely a must have. You really should not require a blog to convince you into buying the white canvas but surely this blog will help you elevate the basic canvas shoes easily at home!

1) Of course the best style option for white canvas shoes is as is. The pristine and casual footwear has long been the statement for charm and cool personality. Now more than ever, the white canvas is in trend so much so that you will find women pair them off with dresses! This is the perfect pair for your denim look.

2) You have the option to add some jizzaz to your casual look by using some fabric paints and changing the shade from white to any color of your choice. this dying technique will help you get the most out of one footwear as you can create multiple colors and multiple looks also white is the cheapest option in canvas so this technique will be way cheaper.

3) Doodling and decorating the canvas over and above just basic paint or single shade is yet another option. This is a very casual style statement but surely bears amazing results in the final appearance.


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