Five Features Your Shoes Should Have for Traveling


While planning a trip, we need to be sure about what we need during the trip and ensure we carry it with us. One of the most important things is the shoes you wear. Traveling shoes should be of good quality and comfortable. And, if you ask us, trendy too.

But how to make sure you are buying the best possible option out there? It’s important you consider a few important factors before selecting your traveling shoes – their quality, flexibility, weight, and portability.

Another important factor is your destination type and the weather there. For rainy seasons, you must take waterproof shoes like loom shoes that are also lightweight, breathable and vegan-friendly! 

For a warm, summer destination, you can even carry open shoes. If you are expecting a lot of security checks at the airports, there is no harm in carrying shoes that are easy to take off and easy to put back on.

Here are a few features to look for in your traveling shoes:

1- Comfort

Have you been eyeing a trendy, stylish shoe for a while? However, before buying one, be mindful that comfortable shoes go a long way, not just on your vacation, but even on a daily basis. Whether your vacation involves hiking, sightseeing, or relaxing on the beach, you need shoes that are comfortable.

Loom Footwear launched the best shoes for traveling. Loom sneakers for men and women are lightweight, ultra-flexible, waterproof and on top of that vegan-friendly! Available online and already adopted by many travelers around the world, you definitely want to check them out!

Shoes that do not fit well, rub off on your toes or pinch you will end up giving you sores, blisters, and cause a lot of discomfort. Even though your trendy shoes will catch a lot of attention, but if they’re not comfy, they’re not worth the pain.

Look for something that’s decent, casual, but most importantly, comfortable. In comfy shoes, you won’t feel tired even after walking for long.

Go on long hikes, or a stroll in the city’s busy market, comfortable shoes ought to make your trip memorable.

2- Lightweight

Weight is a very important feature when traveling. And not just with shoes if you ask us (Most of us mostly end up being overweight with our overall baggage).

Anyway, buying lightweight shoes for traveling is the goal. No one likes wearing heavy, bulky shoes as that also adds up to the overall weight. Plus, heavy, bulky shoes aren’t very comfortable to carry around either.

However, if you’re traveling to a snowy destination, you can’t skip on the boots. But the good news is, you can still choose the lighter ones that will keep you warm.

3- Durability

Don’t get distracted by the enticing deals online and offline. Invest in a good pair of traveling shoes and keep an eye on durability. Check for material and its sewing. These are the most obvious indicators of the shoes’ durability.


Look at features like soles, flexibility around toes, and grip.

Ask yourself questions like: Are the shoes suitable for your travel destination?

Will they be able to endure rain, snow, or grassy lands?

If you’re planning a hike on your trip, better look for shoes with serrated soles. These will grip you firmly to the ground when climbing up rocky mountains or hilly pathways.

4- Waterproofing

This is a must and a wise choice. Look for waterproof footwear choices when you’re planning a trip. The hard reality is, there are always chances of rain during your travel, even if the forecast shows a dry day.

Always expect changes in the weather forecast. And this is especially true if you’re traveling around the spring season. It’s just sad if you’re prevented from sightseeing on your trip because of a little moist landscape.


And if that little bit of moisture really hinders your travel plan, then that’s also a real bummer. So, it’s very important you plan ahead. Always shop for the best waterproof shoes for your traveling.

Shoes fit for wet, moist environments are made of a mesh and also have a hard sole to prevent any abrasions and cuts that can happen when walking on uneven, wet surfaces.

5- Stylish Shoes

As we thrust into reality, most of us want to look slick when we travel.

Don’t worry, fashionable shoes for walking during your travel do exist. In some cities or areas, you may need to stroll around the market for longer than others to find traveling shoes that suit you and are comfortable yet trendy. But they are available almost everywhere.


We would assume, not all of you are shoe people. But that doesn’t matter. It is an essential part of traveling and can make or break your travel plan.

Comfortable shoes like Loom Shoes are a necessity most travelers would agree with. And now, with huge airports in almost every city, running from one gate to another is an ordeal in itself.

So, do your homework before you leave and find yourself something that suits your taste and also makes your trip less of a hassle, and more fun.