Top 10 student lifestyle blogs to read in college

Students` life can be not only exciting and fun but also complicated and sometimes even confusing. College may seem scary for those who have just graduated from high school and hard for those who study all the time and lose hope to handle all these not ending tasks. This is when reading the best student blogs helps to feel more confident as the bloggers are also students who live the same college life but in a more interesting way. 

They can also be useful if you need smart tips and good advice. Depending on your purpose, there is a whole bunch of bloggers ready to discuss their thoughts, knowledge, and experience with you. 

10 bloggers to follow in college 

Some of the blogs are created to describe students` specific college experiences and assist newbies with getting through all surprises of college life. For example, StudyHacks blog exists mostly for those who constantly irritate their group mates with the question «Will you do my homework for me?» as it shares helpful advice on how to meet deadlines, deal with writing assignments and manage your schedule. However, this is not the only blog with useful tips. We have searched the web to find top 10 lifestyle blogs you can follow to learn more about how it actually feels being a student: 

  1. Unjaded Jade. This girl is a vegan so her blog is devoted specifically to this topic featuring her vegan student lifestyle. The blog has become increasingly popular in the UK so if veganism is something you share too, subscribe to the blog to learn more about her life;
  2. Luke Birch. If you like laughing a lot, this is your guy. Luke is a comedian who makes education funny, and his blog is just hilarious;
  3. Harry Clark Law. The blog is managed by a guy who studied law in York and became a solicitor so it is mostly concentrated on legal things. If you are a future lawyer, this is a must-read for you;
  4. Jack Edwards. Jack tells readers about traveling and his life in college. The content is filled with light humor and his main purpose is to get away from the seriousness of studies and capture life moments in a memorable way;
  5. Far Away Lucy. The girl named Lucy loves traveling. Her blog mainly features her trips and she gives insights for those people who want to fit as much traveling as they can into their everyday life. Her tips are very helpful for planning a budget and organizing a small summer trip on your holidays;
  6. Grace Beverly. This student tells people about her life in a fashion and fitness blog where Grace creates content with exercising, beauty hacks, describes her plant-based lifestyle and how she makes it through college;
  7. Dylan. This is the finance student who runs one of the most popular UK blogs describing students` lifestyles. Dylan explains all the peculiarities and life hacks of studying abroad (Australia);
  8. Robert Gordon. This website is run by a bunch of students and is called the blog for students created by students. It offers a lot of fun and real-life stories and its main purpose is to give tips and good advice on how to survive in college. It is split into three main sections: learning, living and social;
  9. Emma Angeline. A cute but sarcastic Emma takes students into the world of literature and movie making and also talks about graduation, new opportunities, and dissertation tips.
  10. Channon Gray. Shannon (or Channon) explores student life in London and gives serious advice for studies and lots of fun stuff as well.