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Chic Yet Dapper Chukka Boots Men Must Have In Their Wardrobe

Most of you guys haven’t heard about them and therefore it is titled to ensure that you know what to ask for from your salesman! Let’s get started!

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Chukka boots are very similar to your regular boots but also to your dress shoes. Originally they were made by British colonials in Africa to survive the desert. Why is it important to know the history of a boot? Well here’s why, it helps you understand your boots and identify them better also understand how to pair them up with your attire.

The history of chukkas teaches us that these boots were made to survive the desert. Thus, they are really tough and hard. They are high enough to completely cover your ankles but not higher. They are also narrow around the ankles, which was originally made so to prevent sand from entering the boots. Thus you could easily recognize chukka boots by its toughness, length and its narrowness around the ankles. These features make chukka the best boots for desert as well as snow.

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They are very similar to your regular high top boots. However the difference lies in the lace-eyes. There are no more than 2 or 3 pairs of eyelets on chukka boots and definitely your regular boots have much more, even going all the way over your ankles. Chukka boots are more formal that casual boots but less than your dressy oxfords. They are usually in shades of black and tan. Also, they are worn casually or semi-casually.

These boots are grabbing real attention because they are not easy to find! The style is different, it’s also extremely functional and thus if you want a statement footwear, grab a pair!


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