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5 Tips For Keeping Your White Sneakers Clean

White Sneakers are really popular right now, among guys as well as girls. The latest fashion trend to hit the street does make you look suave. But they are not alone; accompanying them is the headache that is keeping these white shoes looking white. Now, I live in India; where this is a mammoth of a task, but I am sure people elsewhere will also have encountered this problem at least once. So for my friends who wish to sport this look but without the added hassles, I bring to you top 5 hacks to keep your white Sneakers from changing colors like a chameleon.

5 Tips For Keeping Your White Sneakers Clean

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1. Start simple. The first step is Shampoo. I am sure a little research on your part and you will have a whole list ready in no time, even of shampoos which specialize only in removing stains from a white shoe. But hold your horses fellows coz I guarantee you that nothing on that list is cheap. Remember any gentle cleanser is sufficient to do this job so you do not need something too fancy or expensive. Please do not spend the amount equivalent to buying a whole new pair on the shampoo alone. In order to get the stains off, you will need some shampoo, warm water and a wet cloth. Any old rag will do or like we do it in India just use an old tee you no longer wear. Just make sure it is clean. Now those of you who have access to washers and dryers, you my friends will be tempted to just throw the shoes in for a quick wash and dry, but resist the urge. It will clean your shoes but at the price of damaging the fibers and making them weak.

2. The next step is taking care of the laces. Now this tip is for the lazy. Now I know it is tedious to wash your shoes every time it gets even a little dirty. even in the yesteryear with no TV or any other forms of entertainment it was still a boring a hated job. So if your shoes are not too dirty, you can just wipe them with a dry cloth and just wash the laces. Good looking and clean laces are known to paint the picture of good looking and clean shoes. In fact after prolonged use, if your shoes tend to look old and tired, just buy a new pair of laces and it will be as if you have breathed life in to your old shoes. This tip is great even from the economic point of view. Washing laces does not require anything special, just soak them in hot water and add a little detergent. Buying a new pair of laces is also a pocket friendly option.

3. This tip is for the really clumsy who almost always seem to spill something or the ones who are favored by the Murphy’s Law and only spill when they are wearing white. Keep a stain remover They are easily available at any of the medical stores or pharmacies and are neither expensive nor heavy that you cannot carry them around.

4. For my friends out there who despise store bought solutions, I have a DIY too. Make a mixture with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and H2 Using an old toothbrush, apply this mixture on your shoes and scrub them. Now remember, gentle scrubbing is enough, no need to turn on your Hulk mode guys. After this, place your shoes in direct sunlight for a couple of hours to dry them. Once dry, brush off the mixture and your shoes are good as new.

5. If your stains are not too severe, you can even dab a few coats of white nail polish to mask them.

Hope these tips help you keep your white shoes sparkling bright and clean.

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