The Festival Of Nine Hues: Navratri Colors 2019

Navaratri which literally means nine nights is a Hindu festival dedicated to the worship of Ma Durga.


India! I think it is the only country that inspires the use of an exclamation in the utterance of its name alone; because just by taking the name a mirage of colors, cultures, traditions, customs, arts, music, dance, festivals, spirituality, beauty and mysticism appears before your eyes leaving you in complete awe.

One such festival celebrated in India is Navaratri. Navaratri which literally means nine nights is a Hindu festival dedicated to the worship of Ma Durga. On each day of the festival a different form of the goddess is worshipped and the 10th day is celebrated as Vijaydashami or Dussehra. It is a major festival in India. There are five types of Navaratra’s that come in a year but the Sharad Navratri is the most celebrated navratri.

The Sharad Navratri is celebrated in October; the dates are decided by the lunar calendar. In Sharad Navratri, people play garba and dandiya on the nine nights. These are folk dance forms, played in groups to devotional and folk songs with live music. This is quite popular in Gujrat. Garba and Dandiya raas are one of the major attractions of Navratri there. The Navratri’s are also celebrated as a major festival in Mumbai. In West Bengal, the last four days of Navratri are celebrated as Durga Puja, which is one of most important festivals of the year.

In the Navratri festival each day is dedicated to the worship of one particular form of Goddess Durga. Devotees not only wear a particular color for each day, but also decorate the idol of Goddess in that particular color. This is because each color represents a different form of the Goddess. Thus, 9 days – 9 goddesses – 9 colors.

So guys, in order to help you dress in the hues of the goddess for this years Navratri, I have made a list of which colors are to be worn on which days.

Navratri Colors 2018

  • Day 1 – 1st October, Saturday: GREY, depicts the vulnerability of a mother, who can turn into a force of nature to protect her child
  • Day 2 – 2nd October, Sunday: ORANGE, depicts immense courage
  • Day 3 – 3rd October, Monday: WHITE, depicts peace and prayer
  • Day 4 – 4th October, Tuesday: RED, depicts action and vigor
  • Day 5 – 5th October, Wednesday: ROYAL BLUE, depicts calm yet powerful energy
  • Day 6 – 6th October, Thursday: YELLOW, depicts light and strength
  • Day 7 – 7th October, Friday: GREEN, depicts vegetation and growth
  • Day 8 – 8th October, Saturday: PINK, depicts hope and a fresh start
  • Day 9 – 9th October, Sunday: PURPLE, depicts healing
  • Day 10 – 10th October, Monday: SKY BLUE, depicts a wonderment towards the beauty of nature.

You would also Like to match your accessories & footwear with matching colors  –

This year according to the lunar calendar an additional day is added as the first tithi is split. The nine colors of Navratri together embody the spirit of the goddess. So dress in the colors of the season and may Ma Durga bless you with peace and prosperity.

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