Back to School Sneakers on a budget

Fashion is tricky, and we all know the role footwear plays in the creation of an extraordinary outfit. A nice pair of matching shoes can change everything and make you look chic, unique, and turn into a real icon of style. On the other hand, the whole look may get spoiled due to the wrong choice of footwear and turn you into a ridiculous fashion wreck. The old tradition to match a bag or a belt to your footwear doesn’t make any sense.

In the upcoming autumn season, the sneakers are going to be on hype again. They have expanded their colors, added new tones and elements. However, the latest trendy shoes frequently cost a fortune and you still want to impress everyone with your outfits. Is there a chance to stay stylish on a budget? Later, we will take a look at the list of old-school sneakers and cheap school shoes that won’t make your wallet or credit card sob with tears of total regret. Remember, that it’s absolutely unnecessary to spend $500 every month on a new release of sneakers to keep up with the trends.

The hypebeast culture forces us to spend thousands of dollars on our appearance. Opinion leaders on Instagram receive free packages of promo material and are being paid for advertising them. Their lives seem to be so meaningful and cool. Our peers may also be ordering from EssayShark and spending their parents’ money without any second thoughts. While you are coming back to school and working at the writing service in your free time to create college essays to save some money for a fancy pair of sneakers. But should you, really?

There are plenty of stylish sneakers on a budget that will make you look old-school, extraordinary but at the same time stylish. We worked on a collection of comparatively cheap shoes that every sneakers’ fan should have. You can easily order the majority of them from Amazon, eBay or 6pm.

7 fancy sneakers on a budget

Old-school sneakers are extremely popular nowadays. Some celebrities even collect unique pairs of shoes while others, vice versa, are ready to sell them online at the highest rate. Some pairs, however, are classy and will always be trendy. Here are some of them:

Nike Air Force 1

These fellows deserve a separate shelf in your closet. Many people are standing in lines to purchase them. They are especially mind-blowing in white and will brighten up any outfit you wear. The price for them on Amazon starts at $72. Try to snatch these babies during sales.

Reebok Workout Classic

Many people would be happy to have these British sneakers. They have proven their quality and style through the years and have a recognizable design. You can find them on Amazon at $50. Reebok Workout Classic is an excellent example of cheap hypebeast shoes.

New Balance 210

Take any trousers and a T-shirt from your closet, put on these old-school sneakers and you are ready to go. They literally fit any outfit perfectly. And the pleasant price of $20-30 makes them even more tempting.

PUMA Suede

Puma Suede is a genuine classical model which can be often seen on sale. It’s a perfect variant for people who take care of their style and wallet. The original black-and-white Puma Suede appeared more than 50 years ago. Nowadays, you can find it in more colors at the appealing price of $32 on 6pm.

FILA Disrupter II

We could not have left you without the option of massive sneakers. While other models are quite minimalistic and plain, FILA Disrupter II was created for breaking all the rules. Some people like their step-brothers from Balenciaga and Gucci more. But let’s be honest, you don’t have to sell your car, flat, or kidney for buying this pair from FILA. The starting price on Amazon is $50.

Vans Old Skool

These are one of the most worthy budget sneakers on the market. Vans’ silhouette has no time limits and fits almost every outfit. This pair was originally created for skaters and made more enduring against falling and hitting. Thus, you’ll get a fancy pair of cheap hypebeast shoes at less than $45.

Diadora B. Elite

This model resembles New Balance and NikeGrandstand II. These are minimalistic tennis shoes with almost no branding. This fact makes them different from the rest of the sneakers. They are available in various vintage colors and have a soft leather top. Starting at $29 on Amazon.

As you can see, there are plenty of budget options which can satisfy any taste. Don’t let the price identify you and your style. Often, people wearing luxury brands look less attractive and stylish than people with taste. Don’t be afraid to combine various options, materials, and colors. Purchase two pairs of two old-school sneakers, create universal outfits with them, and you are ready to come back to school.