How to Wear a Velvet Blazer? 20 Ways to Style the Amazing Velvet Blazer

Find out the different ways to style the mens velvet blazer outfit..

Velvet Blazer Outfit Ideas for Men

The Velvet Blazer is the most elegant, rich and sophisticated piece of fashion. Timeless classic, a velvet blazer is a must in every man’s wardrobe. Velvet’s simple design and rich fabric makes it stand out from rest. Velvet will also get you noticed and grab all the attention as well. What else do you want,huh?

When you are bored of wearing the same suit and tie, then a plush Velvet Blazer has to be your choice. From stunning black,blue to other rich jewel tones you’ve got a plethora of options to choose from.However, if still not convinced,head down to know everything about this luxe Blazer..

What is the perfect time to wear a Velvet Blazer?

Usually worn in winter,this blazer is just perfect for evenings.The gentle and warm fabric saves you from the chill wintry wind.It is so soft and comfy,that you’ll not want to remove the blazer anytime soon.

When to wear a Velvet Blazer?

Got a Date Tonight? Then definitely add this charm to your look. It is your pal’s wedding? A Velvet Blazer suit with a bow tie is a must then. Heading to a cocktail party this evening? Wear a Velvet Blazer for sure with a cute pocket square!

How to wear a Velvet Blazer?

The answer to this is right below. Today in this blog you’ll know the right way to style a Men’s Velvet Blazer. What looks good and what does not. In order to clear your doubts and confusion, we’ve curated a list of the Best Velvet Blazer Outfits. This style guide will help you decide the best and make you stand out from the rest.

Here are 20 Velvet Blazer Outfit Ideas For Men..

  1. Black Pants, Green Velvet Blazer and a Scarf

Mens Green Velvet Blazer and scarf

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   2. Printed Blue Shirt, Red Velvet Blazer and Black Jeans

   3. Printed Red Shirt, Blue Velvet Blazer and Black Jeans

   4. White Shirt, Blue Velvet Blazer, Blue Trousers and a Pocket Square

   5.Black Tee, Blue Velvet Blazer and Blue Jeans

   6. Mandarin Collar Black Shirt, Green Blazer and Black Trousers

   7. White Undershirt, Blue Velvet Blazer and Pants

8. White Shirt, Blue Velvet Blazer, Bow tie and Lapel Pin

   9. White Shirt, Purple Velvet Blazer, Bow tie and Pocket Square

Purple Velvet Blazer for Mens

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   10. White Shirt, Green Velvet Blazer, Trousers and Bow Tie

   11. White Shirt, Blue Velvet Blazer, Jeans and Bow Tie

   12. Black T shirt, Waistcoat, Black Velvet Embroidered Blazer and Slacks

   13. Black Undershirt, Green Velvet Blazer and Jeans

   14. White Shirt,Mustard Yellow Velvet Blazer,Slacks and Bow Tie

   15. Red Turtleneck Sweater, Red Velvet Blazer and Grey Trousers

   16. White Shirt, Peach Pink Velvet Blazer and Grey Pants

   17. Off-white Shirt, Velvet Grey Blazer and Brown Pants

   18. Brown Shirt, Velvet Blue Blazer and Blue Pants

   19. Magenta Pink Velvet Blazer and Pants with a Pink Satin Scarf

   20. Yellow Shirt, Velvet Green Blazer and Green Pants

To sum it up, you can wear a Velvet Blazer with a shirt, t shirt or an undershirt. Pair them up with jeans, trousers or slacks. Add a pretty bow tie, a cute lapel pin or a warm and silky scarf. And you’ll be ready to rock the Velvet Blazer for sure.