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4 Types Of Footwear That Compliments Your Ethnic Outfits

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Footwear is one of the things that most of the people give least importance to. It is the most important aspect when it comes to fashion and style and out of all garments, you should consider footwear to be the most important to any outfit. It doesn’t matter how good of an outfit you have worn, if your footwear is not up to the mark, it all goes waste. Having a classic and complete shoe wardrobe is just as important as having a great closet filled with clothes and accessories. It can change your entire fashion game if done right and it is a psychological fact that footwear can determine the personality of an individual.

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Traditional outfits ask for the apt footwear. It increases the elegance of the outfit and takes the look to a whole another level. Indian wear is most commonly worn with traditional footwear as these outfits are worn mainly worn on formal occasions such as weddings, religious functions, festivals, etc.

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There are a few types of traditional footwear that we would like you to know about and they are as follows:


Sometimes all you really need in life is a pair of right shoes. And when building your traditional shoe collection, mojaris are a must! Even though they are authentically traditional, they gel well with some modern day clothing. Mojaris can be worn with every traditional wear and all you just need to know how to pull it off in style. Mainly they are worn on too formal occasions like weddings or other such functions. They go amazingly well with a sherwani and add to the classiness of your outfit. Some of these mojaris are hand sewed, making them even more unique and quite a valuable works of art. These have bright, sophisticated colours and textures which make them eye appealing. They are a classic combination of fashion and tradition and everything about it is amazing right from intricate embroidery, golden and silver thread work, and appealing embellishments. They are worn with sherwanis, Jodhpuri suits, kurtas, etc.

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Often neglected, but never out of fashion. Yes, the sandals will never go out of fashion as long as traditional outfits are in fashion. They are the simplest form of Indian footwear. Sandals can be worn on casual occasions where you don’t have to be totally wearing traditional like a college event or a traditional day at work or a family get together where you will wear Indian outfits but the function is not that formal. They come in different patterns and designs and you have a wide range of choices to choose from based on the outfit you choose. Just wear a simple sandal with a kurta and pyjama and be ready to be simplest yet the classiest man in the next function you go.

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 This was pretty obvious and most expected footwear that we need to talk about. Kolhapuris have come a long way since its origin and is still topping the list of the best footwear in the traditional category. While the regular chappals remain iconic, the makes have done some changes and brought some variations to the shape and style of this footwear. Undoubtedly the most versatile type of footwear any man would ask for, it can be worn with traditional, Indo-western as well as western wear. Kolhapuris can be worn along with kurta and pyjama, bandhgala coats, Jodhpuri suits, etc. to occasions like wedding, festivals or other cultural events. Highly durable and simple, these are handmade and of pure leather to give the ethnic look and feel. With the increase in popularity of the kolhapuri chappals, the modern generation is also been taking interest in it. The chic appeal of the chappals has made it a hit among the college students as well as other youngsters. Kolhapuri is a rad and is often paired with t-shirts and shirts with jeans or chinos or even formal attire to give the most desired Indo-Western look.


After all the proper India traditional footwear, let’s see about shoes which are little on the western side. Are shoes important? More than anything! I think footwear is a huge factor because whatever outfit one wears, the wrong kind of shoes will ruin an entire look. Shoes are the most needed thing for a man to complete his style and wardrobe. As ridiculous and laughable as it may seem, shoes are great investment, because once you have the right shoe wardrobe and take proper care of your them, they will last you forever.

The modern generation like to experiment with these outfits and combine Indian wear with western footwear. Formal shoes are often worn with traditional outfits. As shoes are available in a variety of colours and patterns it becomes easy for complimenting the attire with a right kind of shoes. Formal shoes are worn with almost every Indian attire, may it be sherwani, Jodhpuris, kurtas, bandhgala, suits, etc. They give the Indo-western feel and make you look ethnic and stylish at the same time. Sneakers are worn with along with Indian wear. Kurtas and pyjamas, Jodhpuris, Pathanis, etc. are worn along with sneakers or loafers and simply creates a new buzz about these outfits.

With all that said, get ready to go shopping for these amazing footwear types and styles we mentioned to complete your wardrobe and be dressed unbelievably from top to bottom next time.

4 Types Of Footwear That Compliments Your Ethnic Outfits
4 Types Of Footwear That Compliments Your Ethnic Outfits
4 Types Of Footwear That Compliments Your Ethnic Outfits
4 Types Of Footwear That Compliments Your Ethnic Outfits