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The Casual And Versatile Side Part Hairstyles Men Should Go For This Year

Side Part Hairstyles-Latest Trends, Styles, Information, Images, Etc

Side Part hairstyle is one among the few classic hairstyles of men that survived the test of time. Something about this style makes it the classic of classic men’s haircuts. It makes men look distinguished and stylish. The side part haircut is among the trendiest hairstyles in the recent times and can be seen on many heads of different age groups. It is also among the favourites in the men’s hairstyle category because of its versatility and its ability to suit the professional look as well as the funky side of men.

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Side-part hairstyles, which belong to classic men`s styles, are one of the most popular nowadays. As its name implies, the side part haircut relies on a side part. But there’s more to it than that. The traditional long or modern fade with shorter sides and sleek or messy, etc. are the types of side part that is sported by thousands.

It suits all kind of hairstyle but mainly suits or goes well with the curly or the thicker hairstyle. Styling it ain’t difficult and does not require much time. All you need is a little work in the morning and there you have reached the next level of awesomeness. After determining which side part hairstyle you prefer, it’s time for you to choose the side length and the hair on top

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All side parts require shorter hair on the sides and longer hair on top, so the length of your hair is really a matter of preference and where you want to place the part. You can use hair products like hair gel or wax or mousse to keep all of your hairs on the same side or you can just keep it on sides letting it go. The side part hairstyles works well with the undercut or fade. Men also prefer to have much longer hair and keep it on the sides. His gives them the spunky and rough look.

We have here the trendiest Hairstyle that you can pair the side part :

Classic Side Part:

The side part as we know is among the favourite hairstyle that men’s hairdressers have in store for us. It can be paired with a number of hairstyles. But the classic side part is something which is different in its own way. As its name implies, the classic side part is classy and elegant. This is a blessing for those of you who are in the corporate world and like to keep it professional by day funky by night. The classic style is not called as a gentleman’s hairstyle for no reason.  This version keeps the traditional proportions but has some texture that updates it for 2018

Side Shaved Side Part:

If you like to play it rough, here’s something you should know! The side part hairstyle with shaved sides! This style is sure to kick up your fashion game to the top most level. Shaved sides might not be accepted in the professional world or if you are into that kind of job status, but if you are a free bird and you are not into boring jobs, then here’s your pick. Shaved sides along with any side part hairstyles will give you the rough savage look that you desire. The next time you go to your hairdresser, keep our words in mind and take the risk. After all YOLO!

High Volume Side Part:

The high volume side part is all about the length and volume on top. It’s not necessary to tie a top knot or bun if you have long hair. Side part is the option you could choose to have a stylish and trendy look in 2018 if you opt for a long hair. You could either let he hair just be loose and messy or you could apply gel and wax to give the hairstyle the sleek and nerdy look. This can also be combined with fade to add the oomph factor to your hairstyle game.

Pompadour Side Part:

Another sexy style that goes along with the side part hairstyles is the Pompadour. The Pompadour has itself been an awesome hairstyle and a popular hairstyle and to add it with a side part is what you could do to get the best out of both the haircuts. The side part pompadour is no a regular hairstyle as the pompadour is mainly swept back or combed back. This new hairstyle can be sported by men of any age groups to get the casual as well as the matured professional look. Try going for the side parted pompadour the next time you visit the hairdresser and come out upgrading your hairstyle game

Undercut Side Part:

Undercut is one of the trendiest haircuts since a few years and is the favourite among millions of people around the globe. It has been a promising hairstyle in the past, and it is things in store in 2018. The undercut never gets out of fashion and it will never will. Hairdressers like to experiment with this style, and the latest fad among them is the side part with the undercut. In this hairstyle the sides are in the undercut manner and the hair on top is relatively longer and is combed to the sides. You could also go with a cut on the sides between the undercut to make it look even hotter.

We hope after reading through the entire article you may have learnt how to style your hair according the latest trend, i.e. the side part hairstyle. All these styles change your entire look and take your fashion game to another level. No matter what kind of hair you have, whether it’s curly, messy, thin hair, long, etc. you can always go for the side part hairstyles to get the best out of your hairstyle. Check out the style with the help of the images and choose the ones you liked and you think would suit you and your face shape and get it done the next time you go to your hairdresser.