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Buying Guide For Perfect Pair Of Sneakers

They are durable, long-lasting, all-weather and tough! They are convenient, stylish and affordable! The best thing about them is that they are versatile meaning you can pair them up with shorts, chinos, denims and – wait for it – suits even! In a casual work environment, you can definitely opt for the leather sneakers or even boat sneakers.

Sneakers are the most comfortable and reliable footwear for men. But there some important things that you should keep in mind to make the best purchase!

I know everyone starts with a pair of Converse All Stars and yea those are pretty neat ones too. In fact they are the ones to start with. But canvas shoes are just a variety of sneakers! Don’t forget the leather sneakers and the synthetics (affordable ones).

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Also, what you need to remember is that sneaker soles are really flat. So although they are durable and just totally convenient and comfortable, I would advise a good quality in-sole. You insole should ideally be custom made. It is really worth investing in, trust me! Shoes will never feel the same again!

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Okay, now the holy grail of sneakers – they are supposed to be simple and classy! I absolutely hate Jordans! Sneakers should not be flashy and jazzed up! If you want a versatile one, go for single tones like navy blue, black, grey, tan and white.

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Also, remember this rule – dark colored sneakers are for the evenings and lighter ones are for your day look! Apart from your converse, do own a pair of high-tops. They are not only cool, but also high fashion and edgy.

Here is a very common mistake that all “sneaker amateurs” make- Do Not Machine Wash them! They will shrink and get ruined! Use warm water and an old toothbrush instead.

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