Fit and Fashionable: 9 Best Gear for Runners

running shoes

What are some of the top trending gear for runners in 2019? From trainers from ASICS Au to running clothes, find the best items for long distance running for the whole family. Maximize your workout. Run farther. Go the distance. All with these hot athletic items.

Top Sneakers for Runners

ASICS remains one to the top running trainers. Started seventy years ago in Japan, the shoes are one the best sneakers for running, valued by elite athletes worldwide. ASICS means “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano”, which means “sound mind in a sound body.” The company remains dedicated to scientific research in developing the best sneaker technologies.

ASICS strives to achieve the highest level of sports performance. Since 1990, the ASICS Research Institute of Sports Science in Kobe has continued to make ASICS a tour de force in sneakers and athletic gear by developing new innovations like the Gel shock absorption system.

Dynaflyte 3

This light shoe provides additional cushion. They are unisex, though the women’s shoes have less weight to them. The Dynaflyte 3 upper mesh allows the foot to flex, limiting side-to-side motion. Enjoy a close fit with all the responsiveness and stability of a quality Adidas shoe.

Gel-Kayano 25

For overpronaters, the Gel-Kayano 25 provides extra cushion and protection. The stretchy mesh upper gives a snug fit. The shoe includes the proprietary FlyteFoam Propel, Gel Cushioning, and FlyteFoam Lyte. Enjoy the extra protection during marathons and training.

Lite-Show Jacket for Runners

ASICS premier jacket has an outer layer that shields against harsh weather and offers reflectivity, ideal for low light occasions. Enjoy extra protection and style. The jacket comes in three colors – bright yellow, black, and red. They come in a number of sizes and go up to size 2XL in men’s.

Gel-Cumulus 20

Like the Gel-Kayano 25, the Gel-Cumulus 20 promotes natural foot movement. The signature FlyteFoam Propel gives your foot more bounce and Gel. Enjoy support and cushion for your feet. This is a lighter show than the Gel-Kayano 25 shoe. This is an ideal shoe for supinator and neutral runners.

Lite-Show Vest for Women

Runners will appreciate the light feel and comfort of the Life-Show Vest. The slim fit and 360 reflectivity provides protection from the elements in low-light conditions. Secured front pockets allow you to store your valuables safely. Adjust comfort easily.

Lite-Show Winter Tights

These athletic tights for women come in performance black or pea coat. Sizes range from extra small to women’s extra-large. The knit tights trap heat in low temperatures and have the same 360 reflectivity that the Lite-Show Jacket and Vest feature. Store valuables in a laminated pocket in these comfortable form-fitting tights.

Lite-Show Gloves, Thermal Beanie and Bottle Pouch Accessories

Asics Light-Show Gloves keep your hands warm on those cold days. They also provide visibility in low light conditions. Pair with ASICS thermal beanie and bottle pouch.