7 Different Ways to Match Your Sneakers to Your Outfit 

Isn’t it interesting that sneakers were once appropriate just for going to the gym, rappers, and anyone who can pull off streetwear looks every day? Today, sneakers are a part of the dressing, and you can wear them on many occasions. The brands are many, sneaker heads are increasing, and everyone is creating a collection on their favorite type of sneaker. However, just because you can afford a sneaker, it does not mean that you know how to wear them. Although you can pull of styling the minimalist sneaker design. What about the latest trendy, retro runners, skater style, and other chunky types of sneakers? In this article you will learn of different ways to match your sneakers to your outfit.

  • Bold trainers

Firstly, when you want to match bold trainers with your outfit. It is best you pair with simple outfits to match it right. Do not go overboard with this shoe and ensure the clothes you match with are statement free. Since the bold sneakers have too much going on already from clashing colors, larger than life logos, and oversized soles. For this reason, the rest of your outfit needs to be simple and chill to allow the shoe to stand out as it has enough attention-seeking to go on. For instance, you can style with a regular looking shirt and straight-fit jeans. This look will be perfect with these statement sneakers as your outfit is not as showy. What’s more, you need to stick to plain colors, instead of t-shirts with big prints and logos. To ensure your outfit is not shouty and it blends out well.  

  • High top sneakers 

Many people are familiar with high top sneakers during their teen years. It was like the shoe for the angry adolescents that want to conform to a certain shoe choice. However, it is now possible to style this sneaker away from the against-the-world-mentality and stand out in the high top Nike blazers from the crowd. The rule with styling the high top sneakers is to match with smart-casual pieces. For instance, choose a flannel shirt, selvage jeans, and a worker jacket to blend perfectly with this type of sneakers. Besides, they still match perfectly with combat pants, minimalist bombers, tailored chinos, and other casual pieces. Importantly, ensure that your casual look is not sloppy to get an all-star look all the time. 

  • Slip-on sneakers

As you style slip-on sneakers, wear with classic and well-cut clothing. This type of sneakers is the best to give you the option of not lacing up. These shoes were common with skaters, but now anyone in favor of kicking their shoes off can style the slip-on sneakers. Many brands have slip-on sneakers but in their take and unique designs. Whichever slip-on sneaker brand you choose to style with, ensure you aim to achieve a suave slip-on style. Also, avoid a scuffed up stoner chic look with this sneaker but opt for muted colors and tailored lines. 

  • Retro trainers 

This trainer is best to wear with modern pieces. However, this does not mean you pair it with a shouting pastel tracksuit. Try a look that is present but still was a trending garb in the past. Also, style the retro sneakers with cropped trousers as they will give your shoes a new look. Pair these trousers with a sweatshirt or T-shirt and an overcoat, and you give it a fabulously modern spin. Optionally, pair with luxurious wool trousers that will give you a stylish high low ensemble. 

  • Terrace sneakers 

This sneaker is another one that you should wear with smart casual pieces. It has quality gum soles that have put it in pavements for many years. These classic kicks were popular in England first. Plus, they were the ideal sneaker heads choice and a favorite for many football fans. This shoe can be found everywhere as its fan base spread all over the world. Use it to style your smart-casual outfits to add a hint of vintage to them. So, keep it classy with these shoes and pair them with macs, wool trousers, and other heritage pieces or opt for contemporary pieces like chambray shirts and cropped trousers. To stand out in this sneaker, try getting smart and do not add the football scarf. 

  • Minimal sneakers 

These sneakers were not as popular 10 years ago. Now, they are a trend that is more of a movement, and designers and sneaker heads all want to get a dose of this good taste in shoes. The sneakers are good looking, hence the outfits that you style them with need to be simple and ensure that the lines of the outfits are sleek to blend perfectly with the shoe. For instance, opt for formal pieces like tailored separates. If you favor the look, style with a sharp suit for the office. Most importantly, ensure that you keep them pristine and buy shoe wipes that will help restore that box-fresh look for every time you adorn to them. Plus, it is not just the cut of your clothes that should look clean. 

  • Lifestyle sneakers  

One rule to follow while styling the lifestyle trainers is to wear them with tailored pieces and luxe sportswear. Although these trainers have high-end cushion technology and jargon materials. The trainers also have a beautiful appearance to match its other features. As you style these shoes it is best to be confident about their sporting credentials. However, ensure how you wear it does not make you seem like you are headed to the gym. So, ensure that you look sporty but sharp. Also, depending on the one you choose, you can pull off a streetwear look as they are perfect in adding that element. Try styling with distressed denim to blend with the gym vibe it gives and also tailored overcoats. Most importantly with these trainers, you need to ensure that you have an athletic element as part of your outfit. Therefore, consider wearing a hoodie instead of a sweatband.