5 Shoes Men Should Never Have In Their Wardrobe

Men Should Not Have These Shoes- Pointed Shoes, Ugg Boots, Velcro Shoes, Etc

5 Shoes You Should Never Have In Your Wardrobe

We all will agree to the fact that a good pair of shoe helps you leave behind everlasting impression. That’s the reason you shouldn’t just buy footwear considering shape, size and comfort but also its look and designs. Right pair of shoe will definitely light up your look with no extra efforts but a wrong pair will break your classy look. In our earlier blog we mentioned 5 must have shoes in every man’s wardrobe, here we have come up with this blog where I will guide you about which 5 shoes you should never have in your wardrobe.

pair of shoes is an important staple i every man's wardrobe

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Here Is The List Of 5 Pair Of Shoes That You Must Never Invest In:

1. Pointed Shoes:

Despite of knowing oddly shaped shoe look few men still continue to wear them. Pointed toe shoes generally make the small feet look clownish and gigantic. It will break your formal look and also it’s not a good option for office wear. It’s high time you should retire this fashion trend and switch to smoothing more fresh and trendy. Instead of pointed shoe you can go for oxfords or derbies.


pointed shoes is a pair of shoes every men should avoid


oxfords amazing pair of shoes for men

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2. Square-Toed Shoes:

Square-toed Shoe is universally unloved yet you will see many wearing it while you step out of house. It is one of the uninviting formal shoes as it drags down your formal look. You should definitely not wear it for office, weddings, reception or cocktail party as you will become a hot topic of discussion amongst people for your footwear fashion disaster. You should in fact go for formal footwear like brogues and monk strap for your best look.


squared toe shoes is a pair of shoes men should avoid styling completely


monk strap shoes a must have in every man's wardrobe

3. Ugg Boots:

Ugg boots is one of the out dated footwear that no man should ever go for. Years back it was in trend and also appeared Paris men’s fashion week but now it has totally lost its rule over the fashion world. It is mainly worn during the winters because of its features of providing warmth, comfort and great grip. I would like to warn you if you walk on the streets wearing ugg you will definitely feel embarrassed as people will start staring your feet. You can invest in cold weather boots or hiking boots instead.


uggs - a pair of shoes men should never invest in


cold weather boots A must have

4. Velcro Shoes:

Velcro shoe is for boys and if you wear them in your 30’s you better throw them off. It will definitely remind people of cheap wallets you generally have during school. If you don’t want to live behind a bad impression about you and moreover don’t want people to judge you stop styling Velcro shoes. It will also leave an impression that you are incapable of tying shoelaces. Fix your fashion disaster by styling yourself with sneakers or sports shoes.


velcro shoes worst shoes of this year


sneakers is a must have pair of shoes in every man's wardrobe

5. Sandal Shoes:

Sandal shoes were generally used for hiking as it got popular few years back as a hiking shoe. Trust me it shouldn’t be used for anything not even for hiking. If you are planning an adventure trip with your friends don’t go for sandal shoe it will be the worst decision ever and you may end up ruining all your pictures as they will look really bad with your outfit. You can try out some other shoes like hiking boots or trekking shoes for best grip and comfort.

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sandal shoes is a pair of shoes men should never own


hiking shoes one of the must have pair of shoes

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